JW in Russia: Bad News & Judgment

JW’s Bad news from Russia.

Jehovah Witnesses in Russia

Today morning Russian authorities officially spoke on TV news about ban for JWs in Russia. Police started to come to jws houses and do what they want. Several brothers imprisoned yesterday. Police came in kingdom hall too. Please pray intensively for our Russian brotherhood.

Our brothers in Russia need our prayers more than ever before. since it may not be possible for all of us to write, at least we can also pray for them. After all, is Jehovah not the greatest judge of all the earth? And Jesus Christ the head of the Christian congregation? Does not the battle belong to Jehovah? Let’s join voices 2gether and pray for our brothers trusting that Jehovah will answer us. Remember that April 5 is in the corner and every word n minute count.

Have u prayed for them today! Pls do. (Isa 33:22, Act 12:5, phip 4:6,7, Esther chpt 4,5). If you feel this msg would be encouraging to others jw , share to them. Please advice brothers and sisters not to post on social media anything about our brothers and sisters in Russia. As announced today in morning worship at Bethel to avoid posting such information. A letter from the Governing Body,please to brothers and sisters in your contact.

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