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Friday, 29 September 2017

Forbes' 2017: Top 10 Best & Worst Cities to Drive In

Forbes' 2017 Best & Worst Cities to Drive In

According to Forbe’s list, Dusseldorf, Germany came first as the best city for drivers, with 20 per cent congestion, and 21.20mph average speed.

The website states that the list was arrived at after considering the following: an analysis of local congestion levels, an average cost of parking and fuel, average roadway speeds, air pollution levels, number of traffic injuries, and road quality.

Also considered ­– and what should seem like a no-brainer to international travellers – is the frequency and perception of road rage.

Forbes 2017: Best World cities for drivers:

*1. Dusseldorf,Germany
*2. Dubai,UAE
*3. Zurich,Switzerland
*4. Tokyo,Japan
*5. Basel,Switzerland
*6. Singapore
*7. Dortmund,Germany
*8. Vienna,Austria
*9. Munich,Germany
*10. Calgary,Canada

Forbes 2017: Top 10 Worst World cities for drivers:

*1. Kolkata,India
*2. Karachi,Pakistan
*3. Lagos,Nigeria
*4. Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia
*5. Mumbai,India
*6. Bangalore,India
*7. Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam
*8. Bogota,Colombia
*9. Mexico City,Mexico
*10. Istanbul,Turkey


  1. Congratulations To The First 3 On Both Ranking.

    I Still Think Lagos Shouldn't Have Been On That List. There're Other Cities In Nigeria With Worse Roads.

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