Mazino Oyolo Kigho: Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Law Is A Hypocrisy of Religion & Legal System in The Country

Anti-Gay Law: Hypocrisy Of Religion And Legal System In Nigeria – Mazino Oyolo Kigho *** Sexuality and Gay Law in Nigeria *** Someone showed me ...

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Anti-Gay Law: Hypocrisy Of Religion And Legal System In Nigeria – Mazino Oyolo Kigho


Sexuality and Gay Law in Nigeria


Someone showed me a post on Nairaland about MI Abaga remark on Nigeria homosexual law and wanted to know my own take. Well, this it. In the legal system, there is a saying that anyone that comes with equity must come with clean hands. And Holy Book, you see there is a portion that talks about practising what you preach.

For me, I don’t hate homosexual. Yes, I don’t hate lesbians or gays. But I hate the act (homosexuality). And nothing can make me get into such act.
I have read in so many places where Christians, Moslems all support the 14yrs jail term for homosexuals. Saying it is a disgusting acts. Yes, truly it is. And in some parts of the country they are beaten, stone or burnt to death.

The question I always ask is, you that says the Bible and Quran condemns homosexuality, that it is rubbish and demonic, and those practising it deserve to be punish, is it not the same Holy Books that condemns fornication and adultery and yet you engage in it often without any fear of God? Do you think if God decides to bring an end to world in the next few minutes, he will destroy only the homosexuals and spare the adulterers and fornicators?

I say to you my fellow Muslims and Christian neighbours, stop deceiving yourself and judging others just because you are sinning differently. All sexual sins are abomination according to the Holy Books. The same punishment everyone will get whether homosexuals or not.

The Nigeria Judiciary is a total disgrace. 14 years jail term for homosexuals. Some say they are sex offenders, yet politicians, senators and governor in some states are having carnal knowledge of 13 to 15yrs old girls in the name of marriage. That is the biggest height of sexual crime. Yet the Judicial system remains toothless and Islamic religion is silent about it. This is legalize rape. Pedophile!

Many churches today will expel homosexuals from their midst but keep adulterers and greedy politicians. They try to justify or grade sins that one is bigger than one.

I still repeat, I am not in support homosexuals. I believe in freedom of expression, thought, believe and association. Yes, some argue, homosexuality is against natural law and thus harmful. In realistic today, have premarital sex and adultery not cause so much harm than the former? What is the cause of the prevalent dreadful AIDS, STDs, broken homes and divorce? Is it not sex with the opposite gender?

Many of those engaging in other sexual practises freely and condemning Homos, I bet you to go to UAE or Indonesia and practice it. When you find yourself in prison for sleeping with a member of the opposite sex that is not your marriage mate, then you will understand what freedom of rights means.

Homosexuals are humans and they can be made to live normal. People do change and can change their sexual orientation. If a harlots can change, anyone else can change. Many of them were mislead into the practice and they got addicted into it. No one is born gay just like no one is born a fornicator. Environmental factors are part of the cause.

I have seen homosexuals change. I have seen so many undergo amazing transformation.They can change. They need help. Religious leaders and members should focus on all laws and not be selective. The country’s legal system should promote freedom of association etc. Looters, kidnappers are allow to roam freely without jail terms while two individuals are locked up for 14yrs because they choose to stay together. Hypocrisy is the biggest sin and crime of all time in religion and legal system in Nigeria.
I wish this world comes to an end this year.

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