6 Things You Should Do After You Caught Your Mother Dating Your Boyfriend

Caught Your Mom Dating Your Boyfriend? Here Are Six Things You Should Do If you are either a teenager or an adult, love is easier to loose; especially...

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Caught Your Mom Dating Your Boyfriend? Here Are Six Things You Should Do

If you are either a teenager or an adult, love is easier to loose; especially, due to relative affairs.
But, the most creasiest factor in relationship is “Cheating”. Cheating in relationship can comes in different way and manners, it can be from your boyfriend/girlfriend, your close friend snatching your love partner etc.

One of the most painful aspect of your romantic and social life is definitely when you caught your mother dating your boyfriend . So, how are you going to deal with it? Remember, your parent is your parent, there will never be a substitute for them.

In this condition, you need not to take on the harsh way but with absolute respect and confidence in yourself.

Here, I listed Six Things You Must Do If You Caught Your Mother Dating Your Boyfriend. Read on;

#1. ==> Investigate Thoroughly and Be Sure:

Before doing anything stupid enough to disgrace yourself or your mother’s reputation, you need to investigate the relationship between your mother and your boyfriend. Don’t listen to rumors and believe they are right, take on the journey yourself and be convinced that they are really dating before doing anything else.

How Can I Know If My Mother is Dating My Boyfriend? – Investigation

To investigate, know and be sure that your mother is really dating your boyfriend, do the thing asterisked below:-

* Ask your mother who is dating and let her introduce him to you… (she might refused if she knew she is dating your boyfriend.)

* Move closer to your boyfriend’s family, friends and acquaintances. Always but with cleverness ask them about your boyfriend’s social life. (Don’t ask them directly maybe he got an extra or hidden lover).

* Monitor them both (Your boyfriend and your mom). Call them regularly when you see that one or both of them is/are not around. Do this simultaneously…
How can you do it simultaneously? Good, you need to have like two phone with phone numbers they are not aware of.
Use a phone to call your mom and the other phone to call your boyfriend at the same time!

* Try to place bugs on them, if you are tech savvy.

* Hire someone to be tailing them around.

* And so on.

#2. ==> Let Her Know:

After completing the first step above and you are sure that you mother and boyfriend are dating, you should let her know right away. Don’t procrastinate or think of revenge.
Moreover, your mother might not know that she is going out with your boyfriend (If this is the case, you are at fault… You ought to have officially introduce your boyfriend to her).

Tell her that she is going out with your boyfriend and she should cease to see him again (don’t sound disrespectful and be clever).

#3. ==> If She Doesn’t Stop, She Don’t Deserve A Mother From You:

After telling her (with respect) that she is dating your boyfriend and refused to consent with you or didn’t stop going out with your guy, she didn’t deserve a Mother from you again.
She is now your boyfriend’s concubine and, you are both crushing on the same man. So, what a mother for again?

#4. ==> Be Financially Independent:

Since you and your mother are not in mutual understanding again, you need to be serious with your own life especially, the financial aspect of it.
If your mother is the one feeding you and loading your purse with money and you just caught her dating your boyfriend, you should stop asking her for anything personal.
You don’t know what she can do, she may decide to be starving you or denying you of your rights just because you found out her secret. If you are an adult, get a job quickly, if you are a teenager, set to be financial independent “Sooner” than to be financial independent “later”.

#5. ==> Distance Yourself From Her

Move out of the same roof with your mother. Does this sounds little bit awkward? No! Once you are still under the same roof with your mother, their is totally no way how you will be free to do what you like and to be financially independent.
Remember, a woman who snatched your boyfriend from you is not even a little bit to be called a “Mother”, she is now a “Rival” who stole your boyfriend.

Your mother has now turned herself to your rival, what do you think will happen to you? Love is very powerful, if your mother is truly in love with your boyfriend, she can do anything to hurt your life.

Somebody who can take away your love, can take away your life with and hesitation. The true thing here is that, she will try everything to keep your mouth shut because she knew that what she has done to you is abnormal.

In short, your live is at risk, your financial status shouldn’t be set on her again… Leave her, Distance yourself from her!

#6. ==> Get A New Boyfriend

To be honest, your boyfriend is like an Animal, a dog to be precise.
A dog can date and have sex with a whole family.
After all, their is no way he don’t know that he is dating your mother. Some guys are like hit man, they take on any opportunity they luckily have chance to.
For you to move on with your life without having any call for sorrow or bad thoughts, get a new boyfriend if you still think you can date another person.

Be happy with the new guy you found and enjoy living your life!

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