“Kill Yourself Instead of Surrendering To Your Enemies Alive” – Philippine’s President, Rodrigo Duterte Said To Soldiers

“Don’t Surrender To Your Enemies Alive; Kill Yourself Before They Kill You” – Philippines’ President, Rodrigo Duterte Sa...

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“Don’t Surrender To Your Enemies Alive; Kill Yourself Before They Kill You” – Philippines’ President, Rodrigo Duterte Said To Soldiers

With the ongoing insecurity in Philippines by Islamic Militants just as it is currently happening in Nigeria, the President of Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte has on Tuesday, yesterday told the government owned military troops of the country not to give chance for the enemies to captured alive or kill them. He said that instead of allowing themselves to be captured by the enemies, they should kill themselves.

President Duterte said he will provide all necessary weapons for them:

“Do not surrender alive,” he told soldiers after turning over 3,000 units of 45-calibre pistols for the military.”

“I will give you a pistol with three magazines, but remember one is for you and two is for the enemies.”

President Rodrigo Duterte said all the government troops, most especially those the southern Philippines areas should not even for once give any opportunity to Islamist militants to kill or behead them, which the terrorists film and will later be release on the internet.

“It is very horrifying and traumatic for (family members) to see that.”
“I don’t mind losing the guns to the enemies, but don’t give the guns to them alive. Never allow yourself to be degraded.”

Since last two months (Precisely on May 23, 2017) when the Government troops has been facing the Islamic state-allied militants fiercely, almost 100 soldiers have been killed in Marawi City, a place located 800km away from the country’s capital, Manila.

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The government troops were not slumbering also as they have shot down 400 Islamic State-allied militants. According to reports, the Islamic militants in manila has killed over 45 citizens which must of the execution done are recorded and upload to the internet.

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