Uloma Curry-Walker Assassinated Her Husband, William Walker Because of $100,000 Payouts But Ex-Wife Got It Instead

Uloma Curry-Walker Assassinated Her Husband, Lt. William Walker Because of $100,000 But Ex-Wife Got The Payouts Instead

It was so stunning and crazy in Cleveland, USA as a newly married women of 45-years-old, Uloma Curry-Walker hired an assassin to kill her husband, Lt. William Walker, a firefighter in Cleveland fire Department in order to possess her husband $100,000 insurance payout with some cheques with intention to use the money to clear off her debts.

The wife, Uloma Curry-Walker and her husband, Lt. William Walker are just newly married couple who just start living together for 4-months before Uloma killed her husband. Uloma Curry-Walker has been in debts of some thousands of dollars but couldn’t afford to pay up. So she hired her daughter’s boyfriend to assassinate William.

CBS News reported that Uloma Curry-Walker paid $1000 as an advanced fee to her 17-years-old daughter’s boyfriend, Chad Padgett who is just 20-years-old. But, Chad Padgett gave the contract to his cousin, Christopher Hein, 20-years-old who went to delivered a attempt assassination on William but, he also gave the job as Sub-contract to a street thug, 22-years-old Ryan Dotty who successfully completed the assassination attempt on William Walker by firing him four bullets while William Walker is enjoying his fast food with Uloma.

After the successful assassination, things went the other way as Uloma Curry-Walker had planned when Uloma found out that She is not the beneficiary of his recently assassinated husband’s payouts but instead, William Walker used his Ex-wife as the beneficiary.

Uloma Curry-Walker’s fate will now been completed in the cell room as she has been convicted of Murder offence and is said to face the legal judgment on 8th of August, 2017 which their is 80% possibility that she will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

LESSON To LEARN About Uloma Curry-Walker’s Covetousness As She Killed Her Husband, William Walker Because of $100,000 Payouts

Don’t Be Covetous, What Will Be Yours Shall Surely Be As Long As You Work Towards It. Life Is Always Good To Those Who Acts Honestly With Total Respect and Great Sense of Humour.

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