Jovial Mum Blocked Nancy Chuks On Facebook For Sending Friend Request To Her Husband – IMER’s Feuds

Jovial Mum Blocked Nancy Chuks On Facebook For Sending Friend Request To Her Husband This seems like a joke tho, but it’s far from it as the vet...

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Jovial Mum Blocked Nancy Chuks On Facebook For Sending Friend Request To Her Husband

This seems like a joke tho, but it’s far from it as the veteran internet tycoons, “Nancy Chuks” and “Jovial Mum” have been giving us some concerns into their privacy. The duo were known to be best friends and best business’ allies but the story changed all of sudden.

Nancy Chuks is an educational consultant, writer, speaker and a lucrative entrepreneur while Jovial Mum is an importer who deal with selling of quality products online and she is the owner of Jovial mum.

The feud started on facebook and has became the trending topic among the bloggers and internet marketers as the theme of their feud is stunning and crazy according to what Jovial Mum alleged.
For instance, a Nigerian top tech blogger, Mazino Oyolo-Kigbo of MazinoWeb jokingly wrote on his timeline that: “If anybody tries to add his wife on facebook, he will not block such person but rather hack that person’s facebook account.”

Jovial Mum said, Nancy Chuks had been sending friend request to her husband and some of her family members which she can’t wait for her to do something else than than which in returns blocked her straight away.

Read the full her full message via the screenshot below:-

Nancy Chuks didn’t snubbed her but instead responded swiftly to her accusations stating the real fact behind their feud. She said it’s because she refused to wish her happy birthday when Jovial Mum was celebrating her birthday sometimes ago. Read her statement below:

Jovial Mum,
You unfriended me for not posting your pix on my time line on your birthday..I apologised and told you why i did that.Not intentional at all.i can’t do that to my Facebook friends not to talk of you. Facebook sends me birthday notifications at night…And I will still send some people msgs at that time which I also did to you dear.

Not as if i didnt send you birthday wishes but just because i did not put up your pix???
I understood you were supposed to feel that way because of the friendship that exists between us.I apologised to you immediately i noticed you have unfriended me the next day..I also missed a couple of friends birthday which hurts me too.i have appologised to all of them,they understood me ONLY YOU Jovial Mum?

I have decided to make a collective post by the end of the month where i will celeberate everyone who celeberated their birthdays this month that i did recognise on my wall of which i told you i will make mynown post but u went ahead to block me?
No Qualms Nne.I still Love you o!
And will be willing to accept you any day you decide to come back!
Have my reasons for making this post.Had to tag some people for reference.Post will be deleted soon.

With what Madam Nancy Chuks said above, it seems she is not interested in feuding with Jovial Mum but seeking for peace between them.

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To dear Nancy Chuks and Jovial Mum,
You guys shouldn’t continue to exchange beef between you. Have you forgotten that you are both a role-model? The new internet marketers and bloggers are looking up to you, what you do, say or act will reflects on the newbies. Please try to call this trash off.

Images Credit: PeoplesGist


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