Can I Date An HIV Positive Person? – Worthy Answers

Can I Date An HIV Positive Person? – Worthy Answers

This another question you may be asking yourself or someone who you holds as your mentor but, the answer will rest on your own decision. This article here is just to guide you and enlighten you to some basic facts about dating an HIV positive person.


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Now, keep reading on;

Can I Date An HIV Positive Person?

Yes! You can date an HIV positive person but with some thorough reservations. It was during the olden days that HIV is a deadly disease but right now in the world we are, HIV is no-longer a deadly disease in as much as the victim of HIV takes anti-retroviral drugs regularly. Meanwhile, the drugs are needed to be taken for the rest of the patient’s life. HIV victims can live longer on earth and In other ways, it’s quite not different from dating a person with any other HIV alike disease such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis. HIV is communicable (unlike most other life-long diseases), however, which makes things a little bit tedious.

If the HIV positive person has been using his/her drugs everyday for at least half a year or equivalent six months, his/her viral load can become undetectable. An HIV positive person with an undetectable viral load can even have sex without using any protection and he/she will not infect anyone with the disease. Although, if the patient misses his/her medicine, the viral load may go up which will make him/her be infectious again. Having children could also be a challenge. If the man is HIV positive, he will need to have an undetectable viral load before having sex in order for the woman to conceive.

In some countries, sperm-washing and artificial insemination may be available (to reduce the risk of HIV transmission), but such procedures will be costly. If the woman is HIV positive, the risk of passing HIV to the baby is around 15-45% if the HIV is untreated, and less than 2% if she is taking anti-retroviral drugs. She will also be unable to breastfeed. Finally, there may be friends and family who may be unhappy with your decision to date an HIV positive person. If you are prepared to take on these responsibilities, then you are ready to date an HIV positive person. If you are unsure, then you may want to pass.

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