“Russian Behind World Cyber-Attack” – Ukraine Revealed

World Cyber-Attack: “Russia Is Behind The Cyber-Attack” – Ukraine’s Security Services

Pertaining to World Cyber-Attack, the Ukraine Security Services has revealed that they have the evidence and proof that Russian Security Services were behind the cyber attack that targeted businesses earlier this week which has affected the whole world.

According to SBU, Ukraine Security Services have the data that points to a link with a cyber-attack on the nation’s capital, Kiev on December this year.

On Saturday, 1st of July 2017, the Ukraine’s SBU said that through the data they have gathered from international anti-virus companies, they have been able to established a contact with a cyber-attack which was launched previously that involves “Petya Virus”, which allegedly was not built and designed to secure ransom payment.

The Ukraine’s SBU also added that the ransom demand was just a cover and, the attack was aimed to disturb the operations of State and Private companies in Ukraine which in bids to cause political downfall.

The cyber-attack which was launched earlier this week comes 2 months after another global ransomware assault which has led to major problems for United Kingdom’s National Health Service.

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