Ademola Adeleke Becomes the Senator Representing Osun West Senatorial District

Osun West Senatorial Bye-Election: Ademola Adeleke Was Administered The Oath of Office After Winning The Election To Replace His Deceased Brother, Late Senator Isiaka Adeleke

Yesterday, Newly-elected senator for Osun-West Senatorial District, Ademola Adeleke took oath of office to replace Late Senator Adeleke who slept in death on April 23. (may he rest in peace).

The sworn-in was carried out on him by the Clerk of the Senate, Nelson Ayewoh, during plenary.

Ademola Adeleke is the winner of Osun West senatorial bye-election which was held on Saturday, in which he had defeated his greatest contender, Mudashiru Hussein, an aspirants from Progressives Congress (APC).

Ademola Adeleke, the newly-elected senator is the younger brother of late Senator Isiaka Adeleke.

While Congratulating the newly-elected lawmaker who replaced his brother, Emmanuel Bwacha, the Senate deputy leader minority said “I want to tell Nigerians that God loves Nigerians. The giant, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), is still awake.”

“The development of Electing Ademola Adeleke as the new lawmaker to replace his deceased brother is a clear evidence that Nigeria is going to move forward. I congratulate you. There is no winner, no loser. All our sons who are in Diaspora should come home so that we can re-position this party for a better Nigeria. This can only be made possible if we are serious to change the change’.”

In the deputy leader minority’s remark, Senator Bukola Saraki, the President of the Senate said that with respect with the Senate rules, there should not be any further debate on the issue of difference in political parties in the house, adding that “we take note of Senator Bwacha’s comments.”

According to a statement published by Sen. Bukola Saraki on Twitter, the senate president said that he was very happy and filled with emotions as he swore in the senator, adding that his only sadness is that “Senator Ademola Adeleke is not coming in as an APC member”.

Dr. Bukola Saraki said that he hopes that, as Senator Ademola Isiaka has won the Osun West Senatorial bye-election, it will serves as an eye opener to the party, adding that the newly-elected lawmaker won as a result of “mishandling of the pre-election matters” by All Progressive Congress, APC.

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