7 Different Types of Love With Full Accounts

What Is Love? – Meaning and Full Account On The Seven (7) Types of Love What are the types or Kinds of love? With due respect to Aristotle, one ...

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What Is Love? – Meaning and Full Account On The Seven (7) Types of Love

What are the types or Kinds of love?

With due respect to Aristotle, one of the greatest philosopher ever known in the World. This Greek philosopher who let us the types or categories of love. He let us know that there are Seven (7) basic types of Love and the whole whole has agreed to what he said because he proved each types based on what commonly happened between all Homo Sapien.

Wait, what are you thinking? Do you think am out of my mind? – those are the questions a friend of mine asked me when I told him that love has seven types and it was categorize by Aristotle. Well, most people are blind towards this point but because you are reading this, you will be convinced that it’s true. Why? Because the seven categories are what if not all, what you have experienced before in one way or the other.

Now before going further, let me quickly remind you what love really mean. I know you ain’t a kid, you have been hearing the word love right from when you are a kid and as you grow on, you have tend to under what it really mean but to make this article complete, I will like to say one or two things about the term “Love”. Read below;

What is Love?

According to ancient Greeks, love is referred to “the madness of the gods” while Modern psychologists define Love as a strong urges for emotional union with another person either of the same gender or different one. The word “Love” generally means different things as it is understand by different people. Artistes, Actors & Actress have described Love in different ways. A songwriter once describe love in a short line: “Whenever you’re near, I hear a symphony.” A great American author of fame, Williams Shakespeare said, “Love is blind which lovers cannot see.” Aristotle, the aforementioned Greek philosopher who categorize love into seven said, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”
According to Wikipedia, Love is defined as a variety of different States, feelings, and attitudes that ranges from affection between two or more bodies to pleasure. Love can also refer to as an emotion of a strong attraction and personal attachment.

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3• Ludus
Ludus also means “Playful love“.
This is the type of love where partners or parties involved flirts and teases one another. This type of love is very common mostly in this generation than any other types of love, it’s the type of live which is usually accompanied by dancing, laughing or shaking hands together without having any other hidden intention.

4• Pragma
Pragma means “Longstanding love“. This is an eternal love between a married couple which have been together for over a long period of time. Pragma is known as the highest form of love; it’s imbibes with true commitment that was achieved from understanding, agreement & tolerance. It is “Pragmatic” that is the reason why it is described as “Longstanding love” rather than initially falling in love because it usually develop over time and entails true understanding between lovers who have been together for some couple of years.

5• Agape
Agape love means “Soulful Love”. This is type of selfless kind of love, the true love for humanity, an “unconditional” love. The type of love that triggers you to do something or give out something without expecting anything in return, It reflects in all charismatic behaviors. It is the type of love that made you to give out money or food to beggars on the streets. The love that made you to sympathies with someone you don’t know.

6• Philautia
Philautia means “Self Love“. The Greeks categorized Philautia into two different types:-
The first one is known to be a “Very Selfish” one where you always look forward for fame, pleasure, wealth and health which often leads to “narcissism”
The second one is healthy kind of love we share among ourselves.
Philautia is very important for any relationship. Why? You can’t love another person without loving yourself and you can’t care for others without caring for yourself. So, Philautia is needed before any relationship can stand firm.

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7• Storge
Storge means “Love of the child“.
This is the type of love where parent love their children naturally. It is a natural feelings and type of love you don’t fights for. Storge love knows more about forgiveness and sacrifices. It is the one that makes you feel secure, comfortable and safe.

Now, I have just concluded full account on the 7 types of Love, I will be glad if you can share this article with your friends to enjoy also by clicking on the social media icons below. Your comment and queries are highly welcomed. Thanks for reading along with me.

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