5 Easiest Way To Break-Up With Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Causing Less/No Pain

6 Easiest Way To Break Up Causing Less or No Pain

It’s important to respect the fact that you and your soon-to-be-Ex used to have good times. Ending a relationship with dignity and respect is the best approach.

Below Are Six (6) Tips To Breakup Nicely:

(1) Breaking up is never easy. It’s important to find a private place and break up with the person face to face. NEVER break-up on voice mail, text message or e-mail.

(2) Be honest, kind and considerate. You’ll feel better abut yourself and keep a clear mind, even if the other person is lashing out.

(3) Don’t be petty over shared possessions if you lived together. Instead focus on getting out and moving on, and don’t let objects stand in the way of your freedom and sanity.

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(4) Agree on what you’re both going to say to friends and family. This keeps gossip to a minimum, and reduces embarrassment for the person who is being left.

(5) End the blame and move on. Nobody is ever completely right.

(6) Respect each others wishes for minimal contact, a cooling off period or no contact.

Good luck ahead in breaking up with you soon-to-be-EX. Remember that, The sooner you break the sooner you can move on.

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