Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe Launched Nationwide Speaking Tour To Gain Supports Ahead of The Next Presidential Election in The Country

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe Recently Launched Nationwide Speaking Tour Aiming To Gain Supports For The Next Presidential Election

One of the oldest President in Africa and the entire world, the Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe who is 93-years-old has recently launched a nationwide 10-venue speaking tour aimed on getting supports from the people again ahead the next election for presidential office in the country.

President Robert Mugabe who is now in Singapore for medical check up has reportedly spoke for Ninety minutes (1hr, 30min) at an outdoor rally in Harare.

The ruling party in the country, ZANU-PF has divided over Mugabe’s successor while the opposition parties are trying to unite together in order to defeat Mugabe and his party at the coming presidential in the country.

President Mugabe said:

    “We want our party to remain united and not divided. If you are a real ZANU-PF member, be true to your .”

Mugabe encourages those candidates that are trying to succeed him to calm themselves down, telling them that their time to run Zimbabwe will soon come.

ZANU-PF authorities said that President Robert Mugabe is currently focusing on youth issues at the series of “Interface Rallies” in each Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces.

ZANU-PF officials say

Mugabe is focusing on youth issues at the series of “interface rallies” in each of Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces.

Mugabe who has been ruling the country since independence in 1980 is battling with his health status but, when he was delivering speech at the public campaign, he stood up throughout without any casualty.

Mugabe has always been accused of election rigging and voter intimidation.


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