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Sunday, 4 June 2017

EFCC Shades Dammy Krane: Stop Displaying Your Life Ostentatiously - #EmbraceTheTruth

EFCC Shades Dammy Krane: Stop Displaying Your Life Ostentatiously - Embrace The Truth

This is incredibly crazy... Lol, I can't laugh alone after reading this tweets by Economic Financial Crime Commission, EFCC, as the tweet indirectly shaded Dammy Krane who is currently in Miami Prison due to Charges of Fraud and Grand theft.

EFCC intentionally did this to warn those who were fonds of living fake life just like Singer Dammy Krane who poses with luxuriously items, places and wears. Day before he was arrested, he had came to the social media to advertise to his fans that he will be on trip with a private Jet but was nabbed by Miami police for using stolen credit card and other felonious items.

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EFCC is just trying to give a pieces of advice not an insult tho. But, Nigerians should stop living fake life and embraces truth always. Dammy Krane issue is a big lesson to those people like him.. Read the EFCC witty tweet below:-

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please do NOT mortgage your future in exchange for the transient thrill of ostentatious display. #EmbraceYourTruth."

Immediately after the EFCC tweet, a fan reply the tweet asking for a simpler explanation in Pidgin and EFCC responded:

    'No dey live fake life unto say you wan flex for the gram. Notin concine bicycle wit petrol station. Respect your name. Maintain your level'.

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