Some Abducted Chibok Girls In Boko Harm’s Captivity Refused To Be “Freed”

Some Chibok Girls Refuses To Be “Freed”

On Saturday May 6th, Nigerians are very excited when 82 of the of the abducted Chibok girls were released after a prison swap by the Federal government with two senior commanders of boko haram sects.

A legislator and a mediator who were to negotiate with the insurgents to release the abducted Chibok girls has said that some of the girls in boko haram’s captivity has refused to be “Freed” because some of them has been radicalised but luckily, 82 among them were fortunately released.

The mediator said, his Job is to create mutual understanding and agreement but he cannot force the girls home although, he has never speak with any of the girls who refused to be “Freed” the reasons for their conclusion.

The mediator said:

    “Some girls refused to return. I have never talked to one of the girls about their reasons. As a mediator, it is not part of my mandate to force them to return home.”

The federal government had promised to negotiate more with the Islamic sects to release the chibok girls.
Well, let watch out for the next move.

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