Kourtney Kardashian Banned Husband, Scott Disick Spotted Kissing UK Blogger, Maggie Petrova At His Cannes Hotel

banned her husband, Scott Disick from seeing their three kids just because of his unclean acts and Kourtney K have insisted that she is not going to flag off the ban on him untill he clean up his acts of jumping from one girls to another partying.

Well, nobody knows the type of talisman on Scott Disick which attracts different ladies to him. He is just moving from this to that neglecting the ban imposed on him by his wife.

After Scott Disick was banned from seeing his three kids by his wife, he didn’t make any trial of reconciliation with his wife but was rather caught and pictured yesterday kissing UK model & blogger, Maggie Petrova at his hotel in Cannes, France.

It was reported that Maggie Petrova will be the 5th lady Scott Disick dated in a row in Cannes. The father of three has been doing his best by partying with different girls which exasperates Kourtney K.

Last month, when he saw his wife, Kourtney Kardashian with her new lover, Younes Bendjima, he was very annoyed and feel more than being jealous but right now, it seems he didn’t care about that anymore as he is now busy with different free p**sy he is enjoying.


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