Kourtney Kardashian Banned Her Husband, Scott Disick From Seeing Their Three Kids For His Unclean Acts

Kourtney Kardashian Banned Her Husband For Seeing Their Babies

Seems the celebrity is either jealous or hates nonsense and flirting. Kim Kardashian’s sister, Kourtney K has been reported that she has banned her husband, Scott Disick from seeing their three children for his unclean acts and behaviors.

Scott Disick was banned by his wife untill has clean his acts towards arrant partying with girls and other behaviors.

Scott Disick was caught at the Cannes Festival partying without manners and courtesy with one girl to another. And, this acts has hitted Kourtney Kardashian enough and refuses to take it no more.

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Kourtney K has vowed that her husband, Scott Disick will never come near their three kids untill he regrets his actions and clean up his act.

According to TMZ, both Scott and Kourtney’s friends have tried their possible best to intervene into the matter but Kourtney K insisted that nothing will change her final decision except the husband repent and change his acts.

According to the report that TMZ received from a source, it says:

    “He is off the rails again … abusing alcohol and other substances. She will not allow Scott visitation of their 3 kids until he gets clean and sober … something he refuses to do. Scott’s friends have tried to intervene to no avail. A few weeks ago they got Kourtney to call Scott and plead with him to get help, but he wasn’t having it. She want him to have a relationship with their kids, but feels it’s just too dangerous in the state he’s in.”

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