Buhari’s Change or Wickedness?: In Kano, A Woman Locked Her 3 Step-Children In A Room To Die Of Starvation

In this President Buhari-led administration, You may have been hearing the main talks of the streets in Nigeria that “Everything Is Now Change”. This is the popular saying whenever two or parties are negotiating on something, either a business transaction or any financial constraints.

If anything happened catastrophically, it is Buhari and his Change, if a family can’t afford to feed themselves, it’s Buhari and his change and all those mentalities.

Why did i worded that introduction statements above? Let us quickly dive into what has happened in Kano State that most people and the defaulter will allegedly says “Buhari’s Change has drove to Murder and Child abuse”, Read below:-

In Kano state, a woman who is reported to be a “Stepmother” of three (3) children locked the children in a room hoping that the children will die as a result of starvation.

The woman is reported that she locked the three children in a room immediately after her husband, the father of the children had travelled but she however felt bad due to her conscience of what she had done and rescued the children. The children after their rescue were so thin and all their ribs, bones and veins has become visible to the naked eyes as a result of empty stomach and thirstiness.

The of this starvation issue involving the woman (stepmother) and the three children has been reported to the state police command

In my own view and opinion, the woman should be charge with:-
• Murder case
• Child Abuse
• Human Rights Violation.

Although the reason why this woman committed this grievous and felonious act is not skeptical. More details about the case will be publish here soon if the case progress is expose to the media.


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