Actress Joke Silva: Social Media Increases The Celebrities Rate of Divorces

Joke Silva Speaks About Increasing Rate of Divorces Among The Celebrities

Everyone would have notice the rapid increase in divorces among the celebrities both local and international. In fact it has become their major practice. You might have read about divorce or a bitter quarrel between celebrities couples or a couple where one partner is a celebrity and the other one is not.

A professional actress, Joke Silva who has gotten married to the same man of her choice for almost 30-years without asunder has put this motion into consideration as she voiced out on this and gives the major reason why celebrities don’t last Long in either relationship, courtship or marriage.

According to what she told News Telegraph, She said, celebrities, especially the younger ones are so popular to the extent that wherever they did or about to go will be open to the general public which some causes the problem backing divorce and also what happens to the younger celebrities will surely become public talks because of vast means of social media platforms.

Madam Joke Silva also warned the celebrities on how they use the social media handles. She said Social media has contributed alot to this phenomenon and thereby creating a greater challenge than pleasure and socialism which put their life where they did not want it.

She continued that with the impact of this social media, celebrities are giving to much attention to what the audience cared for always even, if it’s against their wish. She said, she is not blaming the existence of social media even, social media is so good for promotion or publicizing your business or job not private life.

She said, social media a great tool to help the people in getting together across the globe not a tool for exposing emotional privacy. “Social Media is for professional like bankers, lawyers, doctors and including the celebrities to promote their business, career and images.

The mother of two continue to give earnest advice to the younger celebrities telling them that they should know how to cope well with whatever they are doing on the social media. She finally disclosed that if these younger celebrities could handle how they manage their social pages very well, the the challenges of divorce among the celebrities will be seriously reduced.


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