Top 10 Business Investors in Nigeria to Help Kickstart Your Startup or Ideas


Best Business Investors in Nigeria

Do you have an innovative idea and need the help of business investors in Nigeria?

You are trying to bring this creative idea to REALITY, but don’t know who to contact for assistance….. right?

Getting to start up a business in today’s Nigeria is a very challenging task, many have dropped their million-dollar ideas because of lack of funding or capital to start up. In scenarios like this, one has to start looking for real investors to put some money into the business which is quite stressful.

In order mitigate such challenges, I’ll be revealing some of the top business investors in Nigeria who would be willing to finance your business ideas with grants and other forms of financial support.

I’m not going to bored you with words, here are they;

Top 10 Business Investors in Nigeria

1.      Greenhouse Capital

One of the best business investors in Nigeria is Greenhouse capital. It is a foreign firm with the sole aim of growing businesses and entrepreneurs in various fields.

Greenhouse seeks to empower societal development in a way that doesn’t affects the environment. They supports tech startups in the field of health, food, agriculture and environmental development.

As a startup, you could benefit from Greenhouse if you’re into the business of producing health products, agricultural products, also clean electricity generation. And any other business that doesn’t degrades the environment.

2.      Leadpath Nigeria

Leadpath is one of the best investment companies in Nigeria. Their main focus is; growing the economy through technological development and they’re looking for great minds like you to help them achieve their goal.

The firm sponsors startups and existing businesses in the world of tech – precisely software applications.

At Leadpath, entrepreneurs in tech with the ability to create something out of nothing seems to flourish, as they look forward to techpreneurs who could think outside the box and create awesome products that will improve the country.

For techpreneurs, your business has to be in any of this category in other to get Leadpath’s funding; big data, electronic payments, mobile app development, and software applications.

3.      Ventures Platform

Ventures platform is a capacity building and capital funding firm with great interest in growing business in an around the African continent. The firm is ready to invest in people who are ready to build the future by creating great stuffs.

Since its launch, the firm has employed over 17,000 people – empowering more than 2,000 entrepreneurs in the process and more than 20 investments made. Many top firms in the country today have benefited financially from this platform.

Getting support from this platform is pretty easy. All you need to be eligible is to have a creative idea or a killer product that’s unique and solves at least, a problem.

4.      Microtraction

Microtraction is one of the best business investors in Nigeria, with techpreneurs as the focus of their investment. The firm is an early stage investor which is willing to provide financial help to tech startups in the country.

They chooses the best techpreneurs in the country; that is, those who wish to launch something creative. Microtraction will provides early funding and also advisory services in other to take their business to the next level.

And they will stay with you until you can be able to generate more funding on your own, you’d also be introduced to latter stage investor if needs be.

5.      Echo VC

Echo VC is an early stage startup investment company focused in the development of businesses in sub-saharan Africa. The firm is into the business of developing startups in the field of consumer, media and other tech related fields.

It offers many services asides funding; mentorship of entrepreneurs to the point of them being self-formidable, helping in networking you to top brands with their worldwide connections.

Echo VC is interested in sponsoring tech-based startups with an investment size of $50,000 to $20 million available for world-class techpreneurs depending on what stage of the business project.

6.      She Leads Africa

This investment firm is focusing on developing the best female entrepreneurs in the African continent.

She Leads Africa accelerator is a three-months program that seeks to reward some of the bright women entrepreneurs with cash and other forms of support.

To participate in the program, you need to submit your application by visiting accelerator-2019/

Click on the link above to start and complete your application. They will choose you, if you have a good business idea that really wowed them.

And if you’re chosen, in just three months, you’d be exposed to some of the best business moguls in the continent, mentorship and networking will also be provided.

At the end of the three months program, the winner will walk home with N2 million worth of cash, second and third position will also get to win cash prizes as well.

Other who finished below third will also be given business mentorship, coaching and networking. It’s a win-win situation and that’s why they are the best among the business investors in Nigeria for female entrepreneurs!

7.      Lagos Angel Network

LAN is an early-stage top business investor in Nigeria and across other West African countries. They connect entrepreneurs with angel investors in the country. You can think of LAN as an access to source of funding and capital investment for businesses.

For entrepreneurs looking for business coaching, LAN also gives you access to some of the best business coaches in the continent to make your business grow.

To get started, submit your business plan here ??

8.      Growth Capital

Growth capital is a social innovation fund program. It’s a company under CcHUB, which is aimed at powering the next generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs.

This company partners with some of the great business minds to offer seed funding for startups in the country. They more interested in growing businesses which utilizes the use of tech for the growth of the nation.

It’s going to be a wise choice if you check on Growth Capital by Co-Creation Hub. Because they will also provide you with a wide network of personnel in similar field of interest.

9.      Google Launchpad Accelerator

Google CSR aimed at helping techpreneurs in development tech related products for the growth of their country. It’s a program that provides the best funding and mentorship on tech business in about 40 countries of the world.

As part of Google’s launchpad accelerator beneficiary, you get access to Google products to help better your business, exposure to top Silicon Valley experts, global exposure to Google teams. And also a close partnership with Google for at least three months.

To get started, visit ?

10.  Greentree Investment Company

Olabode Agusto is owner of Greentree. A company founded in 2012 to help smart entrepreneurs in the country actualize their dreams.

As a top investment firm and one of the best business investors in Nigeria, which provide business owners in the country with support they’ll need on their way to the zenith.

It provides a good governance framework which ensures a much more sustainable business. They provide proper financial planning so as to give your business that good financial background.

And also, they provides some of the best access to top marketers to help you sell out your business to reach your target audience. Technical expertise and also a good legal background will also provided for your business.

Conclusion – Business Investors in Nigeria

So, here are some of the top business investors in Nigeria, do not get stuck in starting that business today, try out any of the above investors and get the required support for your business.

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Stephen Gbolagade
Stephen Gbolagade
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