Differences Between Multilevel Marketing (MLM) And Pyramid (Ponzi) Scheme – Facts to know!

Are you thinking of joining a network marketing business and you are confused about the different between multilevel marketing and pyramid scheme? No qualms, I will tell you both... Read more »

Konga and Yudula Merged to Become the Biggest eCommerce/Marketplace in Africa

Africa is about to see a great change in eCommerce business as two of the giants eCommerce companies, Yudula and Konga has merged together to form the biggest Marketplace... Read more »

10 Most Effective Negotiations Strategies & Tactics For Entrepreneurs

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10 Best Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs You Should Learn

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Business Technology: 5 Top Business Strategies That Works for Smart Entrepreneurs Like You

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How To Be A Successful and Smart Entrepreneur By Practicing Patience

Do you know that your patience as an entrepreneur can woo and win your clients’ heart? Yes, you can be a successful entrepreneur by practicing how to be exercising... Read more »

How Impatience Can Ruin Your Business As A Startup Entrepreneurs

Do you know that Impatience can ruin your business while the opposite, “Patience” can turn your skill and business to a profitable one as a smart entrepreneur? As an... Read more »

Top 5 Time Management Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs & New Business Owners

If you are just starting a business or you are already a professional business owner, one of the things you must take serious is Time Management.Your greatest ambition as... Read more »

7 Biggest Startup Mistakes You Must Avoid As A New Business Owner

Either you are just starting a new business or a side-hustle, there are alot of things you will and must encounter as you are making every efforts to make... Read more »

7 Biggest Financial Mistakes New Business Owners Makes And How To Avoid Them

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, you are more likely to be challenged with financial mistakes in your business especially if you are just a beginner... Read more »
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