How to Easily Save Money for Travel or Vacation

Saving for a trip

How to Easily Save Money for Travel or Vacation

Are you thinking of surprising your family this coming summer with a trip to one of beautiful countries like Europe, Dubai or United States? Vacation is drawing near and everybody is thinking of a way to enjoy it to the fullest but, are you fully prepared? Have you save enough money for the trip yet?

Travelling to foreign countries is not what you can just wake up one day and start embarking on the journey but you need to plan ahead for everything you will need, use and eat. Either you are finally relocating or just going for vacation, it must be imbibed with sweet experience and excitement.

If you want to thoroughly plan for these things, you will need ‘Money’, Isn’t it? In fact, Money is the most valuable thing you will need to save towards the trip (provided you seriously want to pass through those How to Start A Business from Scratch As A Beginner 

If you have previously been spending about $100 per day, you can make a budget to start saving at least, $25 daily. That means you will save $750 in 30 days (a month).

This budgeting may involves:
a. Cooking with meal plan instead of restaurant
b. Enjoying time with family instead of spending some money in club or bar house with your friends
c. Shop for cheap things for now
d. Give up gym membership for a while
e. Reduce expenses on spa, salon or relaxation centers
f. Etc.

2. Do Odd Jobs:

Apart from your normal daily job, you can opt for other odd jobs in order to help you make more money and save for your next trip. These odd jobs shouldn’t be the type that will disturb your normal job or stop you from going to office.

These types of odd jobs are what you can do on weekends or after working hour. I categorized these odd jobs into two namely and explained below:

a. Offline Jobs: You can swallow you pride and start doing odd jobs offline such as lawn-mowing, posting flyers or banners for your neighbor who needed the service. Some youths in Nigeria do wash cars for their owners and they will be paid in return and so on. With this petty offline jobs, you can earn more than $250 per month.

b. Online Jobs: This is what you can easily do anytime, anywhere you may be. There are a lot of jobs on the internet which you can do to start making money online without any limitation. You can start working as a freelancer on freelancing websites like Fiverr.

Different Ways to Make Money Online

3. Book for Flight Wisely:

Another great way of saving money for your next trip is to carefully look for a trusted and affordable travelling agency in your country. I’m advising you to book for cheap (or affordable) flight which will help you save money for other things needed for your trip.

Let say ‘Agent A’ charges $500 per flight to United States while ‘Agent B’ charges $720 per flight to the Same United States, which one will you go for? I believe you will choose ‘Agent A’ right? But some people will choose ‘Agent B’ because of the services the travel agency offers such as VIP treatment and a lot of things they may be offering which honestly is better than ‘Agent A’.

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But, with or without VIP treatment, they will both get to United States. This is what I’m trying to say: ‘Avoid classy or fancy air flight’ but travel based on budget’.

These tips may help you to book your next flight wisely:
a. Ask for recommendation from friends or family members
b. Investigate all the recommended travelling agencies yourself using the internet
c. Ask your lawyer for help
d. Visit each agencies’ offices to learn more about them
e. Compare them all in terms of pricing, successful trips, passengers’ reviews about them
f. Choose the most convincing out of them

If you are in Nigeria or neighboring countries but will like to travel to foreign countries like in Europe, you can book your next flight with Travelstart Nigeria. This travelling agency offers good and affordable travelling services.


In this article aligned above, I have revealed three but detailed tips on how you can easily save money for travel or vacation.

Don’t forget that ‘Budgeting’ is the first most important tip you should be friendly with. After that, I talked about going or seeking for odd jobs either Online or Offline and lastly booking flight wisely.

As said in #3, TravelStart is one of the most recommendable travelling agency you can book flight with. Visit their official website today →→ ←← to learn more about how they operates.

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