WhatsApp Business App Launched for Nigerian Entrepreneurs – More Details & Download

As an entrepreneur, have you heard the good news that WhatsApp Business App is now available for us in Nigeria?
In one of my post, “Social Media Marketing Tips for Business Business Effectively“, I made a well-detailed explanation on how you can use social media sites to woo customers and boost your sales. But, as at the time of writing the article, WhatsApp Business App hasn’t been made available for download and use in Nigeria.

So in this article, am going to work you through the complete guides on how you can create a sales empire for your business with WhatsApp Messaging App.

The new version of Messaging App, “WhatsApp Business” is FREE and not compatible with all smartphones for now but Android users with Version 4.0.3 and above can (if they wish) make the best out of this newly rolled out App.
According to a reputable tech news website, a version for iPhone (iOS devices) will also be available very soon.

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The new version of the messaging app focused on small-scale businesses. It allows entrepreneurs to communicate with their customers easily.
I know that this is going to be easy than the previous & normal WhatsApp app which only focus on chatting, status updating, sharing of files, documents etc but the Amazing feature I love about the previous app is the enablement of the Broadcast List which can also be used for your business promotion but this new WhatsApp for Business App will help you more than alot. It will allow you to your own WhatsApp business profile or account with important information like Business name, Website, email, store/office addresses, email, business descriptions, WhatsApp verified business account listing, labels (for contacts) and other amazing features like Metrics which will gives you the reports about your messages.

NOTE:- All features on the previous WhatsApp messaging app are also on this WhatsApp Business App.

One of the FAQs by those who haven’t got the app or still hesitating to get it is that, “Can they be able to use the WhatsApp for Business App and the normal WhatsApp messenger on the same smartphone?”
Well, according to Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbongeblog,
If you have two different numbers for business and personal use respectively, it is very possible to use the two whatsapp apps on your smartphone.
You just have to install WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp for Business app on the same phone, and register them with different numbers.

How Can I Download the WhatsApp for Business App in Nigeria?

As I said above, the app is available for Android users with version 4.0.3 and above devices. To download the app, you need nothing than your normal data subscription as the app is FREE.
With enough data subscription on your smartphone phone, click the button below

Download WhatsApp for Business App Now!

Or, go to your Google Store App on your phone to download.

Important Notice:-
• Once you create your profile name successfully on Whatsapp Business App, you can’t change or rectify it again.
• Advisably, you suppose to use separate phone numbers for normal Whatsapp Messenger and Whatsapp Business App respectively. But, if you are trying to use a single number for both, the normal Whatsapp Messenger on your phone won’t work again and your previous contacts & chats’ history will be sync to the Whatsapp Business App.

After downloading, the next thing is to start enjoying you whatsapp for business app but, let me quickly give you few orientation about the important features on the new WhatsApp app (For Business), so that you will know how to set it up ASAP!

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How to Setup Whatsapp Business App Profile: Dealing With Features and Their Functions

==> (1) Business Profile:- This includes your business/store/office address, contacts (including Emails and Website), description, Time you normally open everyday.
Function: With this, your customers will be able to get basic information they need above your business and how they can easily locate your business.

==> (2) Label: This is a great feature which you can use to categorize your business clients. For instance, some maybe categorized under New Orders, Paid and Complete Others, Pending Payment, Paying Customers etc.
You can also add a custom label of your own.

==> (3) STATs: Tell you how far your messages are sent. I.e, whatsapp business app will tell you if your messages has been sent successfully, delivered and read. This is not a new feature, I guess you know.

==> (4) Business Messaging Tools: This featured tools includes:-
• Away Messages to indicate that you’re away;
• Quick Replies to save and reuse messages you frequently send;
• Greeting Message to introduce your new contacts/customers to your business.

==> (5) Customer Service or Whatsapp Web: This is where you complain about any issues or error challenging you and also, you can ask any questions through this tool.
Note that, this tool will direct you to your browser in order to connect you with Whatsapp Website.

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==> (6) Access Normal Whatsapp & Whatsapp Business App On the Same Smartphone: You can use these two app on your phone but with two different phone numbers.

==> (7) Landline/Fixed Number Support: Here, you are privileged to have an Hotline Phone Number for your business which you can easily and always be contacted with.
All you need to do is that during your verification, choose the “Call me” option to receive the code over a phone call.

==> (8) Some other Features: This includes all other features you have been using on your normal whatsapp messager before such as sending of photos, audios, videos, status etc.


I hope this article will help you to get started with Whatsapp Business App without facing any stress? Please, do tell us what you think about this App.

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