Top 5 Time Management Tips For Busy Entrepreneurs & New Business Owners

If you are just starting a business or you are already a professional business owner, one of the things you must take serious is Time Management.
Your greatest ambition as an entrepreneur is to dominate the world with either your services or products with earnest hardworking, big business ideas, determination, passion, action, perseverance and so many other things you can do to acquire whatever you planned for your business.

Managing your time as an entrepreneur does not only make you serious but will also Defines the future of your business.

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Some entrepreneurs doesn’t know how to manage the time used in their business, you will see or hear them having restless nights, impatience, inadequate time for fun or social life and even, have critical and complicated relationship with their family members as a result of time mismanagement.

Time is very precious, so also do your LIFE. Your business shouldn’t take all the 24 hours from you or turn you to a slave.
You should be working and at the same time, have happy life with yourself, friends and family. You should always have good sleep so as to refresh your brain and think more about your business etc.

But as a beginner or busy entrepreneur, things may not seems like that for you. You will have to sacrifice a lot of your time to get your business on the smooth path because, this is the inception stage where you need to work hard and harder in order to achieve your business ideas.

An anonymous said “Although time is precious but, your life is the more precious” because without your life, your business idea can’t be be fulfilled. It’s true that time waits for no man but Overworking yourself can’t make you a successful entrepreneur; the little time you invests in your business can turn you to a billionaire (provided you spend those time wisely).

But, how can you manage your time effectively as an entrepreneur? Here in this article, I will tell you some ways on you can manage your time while balancing the scale of your life with respect to your business.

Let GO;

Top 5 Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs & New Business Owners

Here are the things you can do to manage your time effectively as a new or busy entrepreneur:-

==> (1) Have A Plan Always:
If you are just starting a new business or you are already a pro in entrepreneurship, you should have know that setting goals for yourself is very important and these goals are followed by Plans, your plan is like a direction to your business.

You need to schedule your daily activities including including driving, shopping, studying, reviewing documents, talking to clients etc in either a book or on your smartphone and make sure you include the time when you will finish the day.
Advisably, digitalizing your plan is far better than using ink and paper. We are in digital world where technology in forms of internet has linked us together and turned us to householders in a global village, you can easily manage your time with digital calendars which will help you to manage your time effectively and automatically rather than the manual calender.

There are many software applications you can use to schedule your daily plan and manage your time effectively as an entrepreneur but here, I will suggest either or both Google Calender or BusyCal 2. These apps will help you manage your time than what you will get from using wall or pocket calendar. For instance, wall calendar can’t help you manage your time but you are the one to be managing it while these digital calender will tell you whenever it’s time (as scheduled by you) to implement your daily plan or routine.

In essence, planning for the time and day to watch movie with friends, eat dinner or lunch with clients, attend a public gathering, sleeping, waking up, shopping, driving and any other activities you will be doing should be well planned with the aid of calender and time.
Spare a time for yourself in the evening and plan for the next day.

==> (2) Be Determined:
No matter how wise or smart you are without determination, you will never move forward in your business!

As an entrepreneur, you need to be determined – be ready to give whatever it takes in order to make your plans comes to fulfillment and this determination starts with how you manage your time wisely in other to get things rightly done.

You need determination in order to live by the time you planned for yourself and make sure that you get all daily plan achieved without any mere excuse or being sidetracked by irrelevant tasks.

==> (3) Have A Team or Delegates:
We have 24 hours in a day in which we have 12 hours for days and 12 hours for nights respectively. But out of the 12hours for day, an average worker can work for 8 hours.

How many plans can you implement in just 8 hours? Just few right but, what will happen to other plans?

To be honest, life including business is like playing football on a pitch. The best footballer in the world can’t be a striker, a defender, and a goalkeeper at the same time… No WAY.

In your business, you can’t be the only one attending to clients, making plans, implementing the plans, advertising or promoting your products or services, cleaning up your office and house, wash your cash, cook and so on.

As explained earlier, business is like football game. You need to employ workers or freelancers who will be taking care of the minor tasks while YOU (the owner of the business) will be striker that is; you will be taking care of the most important part of your business.

==> (4) Start Living A “Software” Life:
Without technology the world would have been so crude and stressful for all entrepreneurs! But thanks to the advancement of technology, business can now be run easily.
For instance, you may not need to see your clients before or after any successful business transactions and thereby saving your time and expenses! But for you to enjoy these benefits of technology in your business, you need to learn how to live the software life.

What do I mean by living the software life?

You need to start:
• Automating your personal banking with recurring payments and balance transfers.
• Employing software Platforms for social media marketing campaigns & posts’ scheduling
• Using Payment Gateways like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoin etc which you can use to send and receive money globally.
• Use your phone for memo or reminder which will be automatically notifying for any appointment or plan.
• Use technology gadgets in your house and office.
• Use software trackers
• Also, communicate live with your clients by using software application like Skype and other app that supports video and voice call.

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==> (5) Be Focused:
Above all, you need to stay focus to whatever you are doing. Paid 100% attention to any plan you make for each day whether it’s a meeting, event or dinner.
If you are not focussed, you may miss the most important thing in your plan and you are likely to overlook relevant event or information you needed.

Avoid distraction from any source ranging from your house, streets and is your office. Let the people around know what can distract you and humbly plead them to understand you. Avoid music, telephone calls, messages and anything that may distract you whenever you want to think or draw a business plan for yourself.

Guide yourself against time-stealer and avoid procrastination, set a time limit on what you are spending on movies, chatting, replying to mails etc.

Final Words:
Time is very important in business management; time is money because your personal and financial success relies on how you spend your time either wisely or woefully.

As an entrepreneur, you need to work hard when you are still young because, you will have alot of time to spend on your business now than when you are aged.
Note that effective Time management in business will let you do the right thing at the right time and achieve the right thing you have rightly worked for.

I hope you have gained something in this short article, what are other Time Management Tips you will like to add or subtract from it? Please kindly let me know through the comment box below.

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