How To Be A Successful and Smart Entrepreneur By Practicing Patience

Do you know that your patience as an entrepreneur can woo and win your clients’ heart? Yes, you can be a successful entrepreneur by practicing how to be exercising ‘Patience’. In my previous article, I outlined 5 Ways Impatience Can Ruin Your Business. Impatience is part of human being and You – as entrepreneur is not left out.
A Psychologist said that we humans have lost the art of just slowing down and enjoy the moment because we always expect things to move quickly, efficiently and when it doesn’t happen the way we planned or expected it to be, we quickly feel irritated or frustrated thereby, leading to Impatience.

Do you know that this habit of quick frustration is now part of the reason why most businesses fails? Alot of business owners have lost many Investors because of impatience.

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If you have read my previous article, you would have noticed that with impatience, you will loose a lot of customers / buyer, be faced with financial woes, exposed to health risks and others. But as a smart entrepreneurs, how can you avoid or overcome all these things that causes impatience – a bug to a business’ failure?

Below are some of my top recommendations for you on how to be more patient And Win Buyers’ Heart:

How to Be A Successful Entrepreneur By Practicing Patience

==> (1) Understand Your Triggers:
Before you can cut a tree, you must first know where it is. Before you can fight impatience, you must first know what always push or causes the impatience and that is what we refers to as impatience triggers.

To Understand and Know Your Triggers, Ask Yourself the following questions:-

• What are the things or situation that trigger your impatience?

• Who are people that always make you to be impatient? Are they your friends or family? If you have had your own children, your triggers maybe your kids because they are the principal impatience triggers in your life.

• Are you always frustrated to chill and wait for others especially you check that you are running late?

• Do you always loose your patient when you are sad, hungry, sleepy or tired?

• Where do you loose your patience the more? Is it at home, restaurant, office or at social meeting?

If you have asked yourself the 5 questions above and have given yourself sincere answers then, knowing the source or your impatience’s triggers. Knowing and understanding your triggers will let you to be sensible and keep yourself upright and normal whenever the quick gratification want to showcase itself furiously in You.

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As a smart entrepreneur, you need to be always on alert and avoid any triggers that may want to ruin your business or startup because of impatience. In my previous post, I have outlined 5 risks of impatience in your business, why don’t you read it by clicking here?

==> (2) Simply Your Life Entirely:
“People Really Can’t Multitask” said by a professor of computer science at a University in USA named Noreen Herzfeld.
It’s pretty sure that the human brain controls the entire body system but, it can’t concentrate on several things simultaneously.

Am not saying you can’t do two or more things at a time. For instance, you can be listening to music and at the same time be writing with your hands on the keyboard and even be thinking of what to write at the same time! But, can you be dancing, eating, writing, singing, cooking etc., at the same time? NO.

patient entrepreneurs winning clients

Over time, doing more than enough things at a time erodes our ability to pay total attention and thereby, eats away the habits of being patience, good decision maker and to be fair in judgment.

As an entrepreneur, it may be difficult for you to be patience whenever you have alot of tasks to do, have many business trips or events to go, have alot of investors or clients to meet etc., don’t let this turn you to an impatient entrepreneur but rather, simplify everything in your life.

Stress is the cause of most impatient reactions. Don’t give it a chance in your business but rather slow down and smell roses. Make enough time and days to enjoy your life, have strong business relationship with your workers and clients.

==> (3) Learn to Manage Your Time Effectively:
Mismanagement of Entrepreneurial Time also causes impatience.

You know that “Time is Money” right? But, does that means you should serve all the 24hours in a day because of Money? NO. Smart entrepreneurs outside there are gathering streams of income with the little time they use for business while other entrepreneurs works day-and-night but still, aren’t succeeded in their businesses.

To avoid the crap of impatience through time management, always budget your time and set your priorities wisely. Avoid any time wasting hobbies and unfruitful work. Have daily routine and always check on it without omitting or replacing any, check where you can slow or cut down some time you are spending to do meaningless tasks.

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==> (4) Be Realistic:
As an entrepreneur, you must understand the rule of nature things doesn’t always happen as fast as you may wish or planned. Accept the fact that time moves at the speed of time and not at the speed of your expectations – that’s what we called patience.

Also, remember that you can’t always control your circumstances. A Wiseman Said that the fastest runner does not always win the race; the strongest army does not always win the battle; the wisest man does not always get the food he earns; the smartest man does not always get the wealth; and an educated person does not always get the praise he deserves.

Instead of losing your patience quickly over what may seems unachievable or controlled, try to identify a way you can solve and control that thing or situation. For instance, instead of getting angry over a delayed taxi or train, try to find another way out to get to your destination, you may even consider trekking than being impatience or angry. But what if waiting is the only option? Use the time of waiting to do any other productive things; you may use that period of time for writing down your plans for your business activities.

You must also accept the fact that you can’t add more time to your life or business lifespan.

Final Thought
You have learnt 4 basic ways you can be patient in your life and business lifestyle. These four Tips work effectively provided you take Action immediately and everyday.

Impatience will eat deep into your business and render It havoc.. There are things you should accept that you can’t control or do at a particular time. Give your life the best gift it deserves, don’t stress yourself too much on something that seems out of control.

I hope this short article, “How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur By Practicing Patience” worth sharing right? Please, do share with your friends by clicking on the share button beneath this post and, I will be very glad to hear your view about this post through the comment box below.


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