7 Top Tools for Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

Have you been surfing the search engines in order to get the top tools for digital nomads and remote workers? If yes, then this guest post by one of my reader is for you.

We are now in the era of technology, companies are using remote workers to boost their productivity and decrease cost. Remote Workers/Virtual Assistant is possible with access to high internet speed, Mobile technology and remote Gadgets with Gadgets meant for the specific task.

Companies like Dell, Cyber coders and WordPress are examples of companies that make use of remote workers and freelancers.
Their believe is that making use of the policy would help to increase workforce proficiency and it can give them edge over their rival. Whose require their workers to report in every day? Without some specific software created for the task, it won’t be possible; which we will discuss about in this article.

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Let start:

7 Top Tools for Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

==> (1) Basecamp: Is a Web based Chat tool that allows the remote sharing of files and code in real life frame. It was produce by 37Signals, a private held company, its primary features are to-do-lists, forum-like messaging, file sharing and time tracking. It was designed for group communication.

Tools for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

==> (2) Pivot Tracker: Is a easy to use, collective and versatile software story based project management tool that give access to software development team to collaborate in real-time, it enable developers to spend more time on work instead of spending hours on writing report and others.

==> (3) Buffer: This software is mostly use by bloggers to schedule post for social media, it is a software use to manage social Networks. It is designed to allow the control of multiple social media account, it allow multiple control of social media accounts with few clicks (Post can be schedule to twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

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==> (4) Yammer: It allows private way of communication within company, Organization and Factories, allow Communication with customers, collaborate with business partners.

==> (5) Google Drive: is a great tool for remote workers, it is a Cloud storage, provide by Google. It allow users to do cloud storage, sharing of files and collaborative editing. You can save files for years, it allows easy accessibility to data, all you have to do is save, forget and retrieve later when needed.
Google Drive is also a remote Worker tool that allow users to share and save file provided by Google. It allow users to do Cloud Storage, file sharing and collaboration task, launched on April 24, 2012. It also provide office tendency for Windows and Mac OS Computers. It also users to access their files from Net without need for Apps.

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==> (6) Skype: Is a telecommunication application platform that focus on providing Video Chat, Voice Call, instant messaging and video Conference calls. Available in 9 Operating System (Window, Mac os, Linux, Android, IOS windows, Phololens, Xbox one) and in 108 Languages. It gives users the benefits to Communicate over the internet with the aid of Microphone reducing barrier in distance.

==> (7) TeamViewer: By mere looking at the the name, you should have being able to guess the function of the software (You should think of group work). It offers one of the world most collaboration tools, it provide remote support, connects people, places and things(Computers), web conferencing is allowed, it is accessible with a web browser and available in 10 Operating System(Window RT, Window Phone 8, iOS, Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, Blackberry Operating System)

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