5 Qualities of A Good Business Mentor or Coach

Are you just starting a business in your country as a beginner and you need a business mentor or coach to help you get started with that your business...

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Are you just starting a business in your country as a beginner and you need a business mentor or coach to help you get started with that your business idea?
If this is your plan, I will applaud you for this wise decision because this is another way to avoid any mistakes and, hiring a business mentor or coach will increase your chances of succeeding fast and meet up quickly with your competitors who have already make it in the business.

business idea you are about to maximize.
Another effective way you learn from these business mentor or coach is to attend their webinars, business events, conferences or seminars.

But, how can you choose or hire the best business mentor or coach? Here in this article, I will tell you 5 qualities you must see or have noticed before hiring a Business mentor or coach.

Before then, Who Is A Business Mentor or Coach?

A Business mentor or coach is a person who has been in the business class for years. They has the experiences when it comes to dealing with any business obstacles, they know how to impact knowledge that will help you maximize more profit and crushes the impossibility in your business.
A business mentor or coach will make you to be more versatile in what you are doing, their main purpose for you is success.

5 Must-Have Qualities of A Good Business Mentor or Coach Before You Hire Them

These are the qualities you must know or have noticed about the business mentor or coach you want to hire.
You must note that the most important qualities of a good business mentor or coach is the level of his or her experience, the type and numbers of successfully handled businesses, challenges met but solved and alot more.
But, they are still must-have qualities that is general and you must see before boring a business mentor or coach. They are:-

==> (1.) Availability
A good business mentor or coach must always be available when he/she is needed by you in order for a quick or emergency support. If the business mentor or coach is a busy fellow that hardly have time for you, your business won’t move forward or progress.

I don’t mean that you should always be disturbing your business mentor or coach, what I mean is that you and your mentor should have a mutual relationship, both of you should set a schedule for hours meeting at his and your own conveniences.

Make sure you agreed on the same so that there won’t be disappointment in the future. If a business mentor can’t keep to this agreement, you need to start checking on another one.

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==> (2.) Level of Experience
A good business mentor or coach must have had some experiences about running a successful business either offline or online. A mentor without any experience about the business you are about the start doesn’t fit to be the right mentor for you.

What I mean by experience here doesn’t limit to just business’ experience but, a good business mentor must be well experienced than you when it comes to life challenges, level of education, trainings received or the numbers of business seminars/conferences attended, the numbers of those people running a successful business after receiving mentoring from him/her, repute on the internet and real life etc.

==> (3.) Character or Attitude
A mentor who is hot temper or too cold is not a good business mentor for you. Assuming a business mentor who is hot temper is mentoring someone who is very shy, there won’t be good relationship between them and of course, such business mentoring won’t yield a good result! But, if the mentor is friendly or jovial, there will be good interpersonal relationship between the two of them and, the business mentoring will be successful.

The business mentor must be respectful. He/she should know how to address a difficult matter in a simple way. The business mentor should be able to shows humility irrespective of the age difference between him and the person he/she is mentoring. And you also must respect him; respect is reciprocal.

A good business mentor or coach must be someone who is ready to serve others.

If the business mentor is not respectful, is hot tempered, too cold, not friendly etc, you should not hire him.

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==> (4.) Attentiveness
I said in point (3) that a good business mentor must be friendly or jovial. Being friendly or jovial also attributed to listening ability.
A mentor should be able to let his/her student him/herself and should be able to reply to them perfectly well.

A successful business training is the one made out of good collaboration and mutual conversations between the mentor and you. You must be able to share your own opinion and ideas while your mentor will contribute his/her own also but, it’s a must for both of you to be a good listener.

==> (5.) Motivation
This is a must for a good business mentor.
A good mentor should know how to sincerely motivate his/her client that their is nothing that cannot be achieved.
He/she should have the ability to motivate you when you think of quitting or giving up, he/she must be able to motivate you to plan and do more.

The most important quality of a good business mentor lies on this, “The ability to Motivates”. If you are lucky to find a mentor who gives you hope when you think of quitting or think your dream is unachievable, congratulations.

Wrapping Up
If you are thinking of hiring a business mentor or coach, I think you should be able to find those five qualities I have outlined above in such mentor.
Well, it’s not easy to get the good business mentor especially when most unqualified mentors lives behind fake bio or profile but, it will be smart of you if you choose wisely.

To get the right mentor, you need to ask for recommendations from your friends and family, search on the internet and social media sites especially, LinkedIn, google plus and twitter.
On LinkedIn, their is a good luck for you that you might find the right business mentor because alot of world class mentors of different fields are there for someone like you. Also, their is a tools you can use to detect the mentor abilities and experiences.

I hope you have gained one or two things from this article? If yes, kindly help me to share this with your friends.

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