Music Promotion & Marketing: 11 Helpful Tips For Nigerians

Music Promotion and Marketing is one major and one of the most important things to clearly figure out and implement in a right ways for an artiste or a music record label to be successful in Music Business.

In my previous article, I have discussed with my readers fully about Music Organization, Struggles and how to be successful in the business... (click here to read).
Alot of musicians have blindly ignored the importance roles of music promotion and marketing and, that is why they are still struggling to meet their focused target but gladly enough, you as a musician or an affiliate individual to music industry will learn my top "11 Great Tips For Successful Music Promotion and Marketing". But before going further into the details, let discuss about the keywords.

What is Music Promotion and Marketing?

Music promotion and marketing is simply the processes of taking your recorded song(s) from the studio (say point A) along some routes (Say B - Y) to the final consumer/fans (let say Z) who will buy and hear that song and, at the end, you earn some (huge) bucks into your bank account and as well, built alot of fans along your channel of your music promotion and marketing.

There are alot opportunities associated with Music Promotion and Marketing which you may have know some of these opportunities before but, I will also state few of these music promotion and marketing opportunities in this article, all you need to do is to keep calm, don't scroll until you finish reading the whole words and sentences in each paragraph.

So, let ride on;

Music Promotion and Marketing: 11 Helpful Tips That Works

•*1. Music Giggling

This is my first helpful tips on successfully in music promotion and marketing but, what is music giggling?
Music Giggling is simply the cultural way of promoting and marketing your music.

Below are the ways to do complete Music Giggling that pays:-

Do Free Music Show:- Starting from your school, your house, to your street, to the entire town or city. With this, you will gain popularity and build fans.

Open-air Play:- Get Your Songs played in restaurants, hotels, club houses and other open-air places within and outside your locality.

• Collaborate with big artistes who are popular already. I'm not saying you should go bankrupt when doing this, there are alot of artistes who are ready to collaborate with upcoming artistes with low or no charge. Try to connect with them and make a song together.

• Etc.


•*2. Social Media Marketing

Billions of people across the world are using Social media networks everyday. They use this tool to get connected with the latest news, gossip, trends etc that is happening around in the world.
Most people like bloggers, business owners use this platforms to woo clients, potential customers and as well, build names and brand. A musician also can use this to build name, record label's brand, promote songs and even meet other artistes.

The following are some Social media networks you can use:-

• Pinterest
• StumbleUpon
• Reddit
• Etc.


•*3. Promote & Market Music Digitally

If we are both alive till this century, we will be definitely sure that Internet has taken over everything. Previously in the point explained above, I said social media plays a very vital role in music promotion and marketing.
Digital marketing will also help you.. Even, more than your expectations.

Below are some Digital Sites to Promote, Market and Sell Your Music:-

• Etc...

NOTE:- Click on anyone you wish to use above and you will be directed to the website where you will create your own account. Also, procedures to register your account will be given to you on the website.


•*4. Music Promotion Through Websites & Blogs

This is the most used method in music promotion. One thing you must do behind the scenes of your music career is to get and have your own website or blog for your record label to promote both your songs, build fans through those who visit your blog or website.
Having your own blog or website is not enough in promoting your music but, the most effective way is to Reach out to Other Bloggers who are on entertainment, music or general niche.
Thankfully, we have thousands of websites where you can promote your music with affordable cost price.
Example is GbolaMedia, Naijaloaded, etc.

P.S: To Create and Design your own website or blog, Hire me now.
Send me a message on WhatsApp or Call: 080 6886 6068


•*5. Upload Your Music Videos

What we see virtually stores in our brain than what we hears only.
Music Videos promotion is also effective than what you may think. Billions of people watch videos online everyday, while can't you tap your own fans from these people, why can't you give your videos for them to watch and see your creativity and talent's manifestations?

On YouTube which is the second most visited website in the world (Alexa Ranking), billions of people uploads and watch video on the website everyday.
The amazing thing I love about YouTube is its monetization... What did I mean? I mean, you can upload your videos for free and make money on it from what we known as "AdSense".
Please, search on google for more information about Making Money with YouTube videos.

Apart from YouTube, below are Video websites where you can do Music Promotion and Marketing:-

• Vimeo
• DailyMotion
• Facebook Video
• Instagram Video
• Etc.

•*6. E-mail Marketing

Bloggers and webmasters use E-mail campaigns to share their contents, eBooks and other products to their subscribers and in returns, this yield them large subscribers, traffic and finally to sales.

Note:- You create an account with a mail handler and, you integrate it with your website or blog through a code which you will generate from your mail handler account. There are free plans which you can be using but, if you have some bucks, you can go for Premium.

Click and sign up on any of the following mail handlers:-

• Maligen
• Etc..

In this blog, I use Mailchimp and, it's very easy for me to use in collating potential readers as my subscribers, You also can try it out.


•*7. Paid Advertising

You can as well do paid advertising to promote and market your music. Paid Advertising often appears on websites that relate with your ads' texts globally.
You will have to pay some bucks and choose a plan that's is more affordable to you.

Below are some Big Advertising Networks where you can Promote and market your music:-

• Google Adwords
• Facebook Ads
• YouTube Ads
• Instagram Ads
• LinkedIn Ads
• Twitter Ads
• Etc..

If you are interested in any of the Advertising networks above, search for it on google and the website that offer the service will appear first, click on it and follow the prompt procedures.

NOTE:- You Must have a MasterCard.

Other Ways of Promoting & Marketing Your Music Are:-

•*8. Try to secure and have Radio Interviews

•*9. Crowdfunding:- Join crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo

•*10. Find Disc Jockey (DJ) to help you mix your songs and play them during his outings.

•*11. Build an App for your Music Brand.
To do this easily, Click Here.

From Editor's Desk

If you are reading this part, that means you have been following me all the way from the genesis of this article and now, you are reading my final conclusion but wait, have you been Inspired???

Here in this article, I have teach you 11 helpful tips to Promote and market your Music professionally. Did you have any question, query or any comment? I will be very glad if you can let me here it through the comment box below and, I promised to get back to you.

Thanks for reading and, please share the love!
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