Facebook Policy: Users Are Banned for Posting “Men Are Scum”!

Facebook Policy: Users Are Banned For Posting “Men are Scum”

The most used and world’s largest social media network, Facebook gets any user posting “Men are Scum” banned from using the social network again because such phrases or statement is categorized as hate speech.

A comedian, Marcia Belsky shared her ordeal on Twitter about how Facebook banned her for a month (30 days) for writing “Men are Scum” as comment on one of her friend’s post. She wrote:

“ I (sarcastically) posted this comment on @nsilverberg‘s post screenshotting dozens of death & rape threats

30 day ban lol

Bye @facebook ✌️ pic.twitter.com/6PPVeClv9o

— Marcia Belsky (@MarciaBelsky) October 19, 2017.”

Another comedian, Kayla Avery also complained that she was also banned for posting something like “Men are Garbage Files”. She also wrote:

Please @facebook I’m DYING to hear how my comment on this post violated communty standards? I know I’m no @rosemcgowan so ill get ignored pic.twitter.com/UYkt9MY68A

— Kayla Avery (@averykayla) October 12, 2017

While reacting to this latest enforcing policy on the world’s largest social media network “Facebook”, the Daily Beast reported that the bans are as a result of the Social media network’s moderating guidelines which removes threats and hate speech directed towards a protected group including race, gender, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Facebook said to The Daily Beast that “men are scum” is a threat and should be removed without a warning!

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