Is Pen-Name Right For A Writer?

Having A Pen Name, Is it wrong?

This is a question somebody asked me before I slept yesterday.

Though, the question was funny but a good one which I don’t expect from somebody who knows the differences between mouth and Anus.

A person can have real name, pen name and nickname.

But, just like I use to say, I can’t judge, criticize or dictate for you because what our conscience holds are different.

But, my little view.

I watch a Nollywood movie some days ago. The movie was kinda inspirational for me as an upcoming entrepreneur.

This man has a university certificate in his area of specialisation but all to no avail.

We don’t need to find a definition for poverty again as seeing this man’s life have defines what poverty really mean.

Poverty Na bastard o.. It ate so deep into this man’s fabric, turning his life to rag.

Well, to cut the Long story short, the very man think of what to do to survive in life and he veered to Novel writing.

He composed all his life’s ups and downs into chapters of motivational and emotional piece.

But, here comes another problem. Though the book is super interesting but, as a Nigerian, he understand that his fellow countrymen doesn’t appreciate anything from Nigeria, which means, they will hardly buy his book because of his native name. (I myself hardly buy book by non-reputable Nigerian writers).

From Newton third law of motion, to every problem, there is equal and opposite solution. The man finally adopt a solution!

What is the solution?

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He got himself a pen name!
Initially, his name was Metomi Goriola but, you knows that in a business, Name sells the most.

He changed his name to Met Gor. Met Gor sounds like an Italian or Spanish name and this particular name sells his book across the globe.

How did he got his Pen Name?

From Metomi Goriola, take first three letters i.e METomi GORola => Met Gor

You also can acquire a pen name instead of impersonating or deceiving your clients.

For instance, if I need a pen name, I will take it from my name.

I.E Stephen Oluwatomisin Gbolagade = STEPHEN OLuwatomisin GbolaGADE

==> Stephen Ol Gade but better as Stephen Olgade – so easy!

So, having a Pen Name is not wrong at all.

Try to get one if you like.

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