– Legit or Scam Business?

Is Fiverr A Scam Business? Fiverr is a very legit business… Freelancers are making legit money there… Our problem in Nigeria, I think, it ...

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Is Fiverr A Scam Business?

Fiverr is a very legit business… Freelancers are making legit money there…

Our problem in Nigeria, I think, it comes from some people’s side of playing “Trust”.

As an Internet Entrepreneur, you know the problem we are facing with PayPal and other big affiliate companies on the internet.

Here comes Fiverr.

A human being asked me what I know about Fiverr maybe it’s Legit or Scam. I said it’s legit and a very legit business.

But, if you want to make money as a Nigerian, you must be able to “Impersonate”. I mean, you should be able to change your IP address always, Change your place of birth, Names, Age, Qualifications and experience, you picture and ways of accosting foreign clients.

Really? Yes… I know of some lads who are doing it and believe me, they are making the Money!

He asked me, Why are you not doing it, shey you don’t need money ni?

Bro, just like I said, Fiverr is a legit business but, My “Conscience” won’t let me to Impersonate. Psalm 37:3 advised me that I should be honest in all what am doing.

Pardon me, I’m not saying all Nigerians on Fiverr are dirty scammers o… I know of some entrepreneurs who have built a very solid and good reputations on the internet (I will not mention Names).

But, the point is still there… 75% of Nigerians on Fiverr do Impersonate!

Wait, am I telling you to quit what you love doing? (in Wande Coal voice) Oh No No.

I said my Conscience Forbid me to Impersonate. If I want to do Fiverr, I will use my original profiles/bios, my qualifications and experiences as a freelancer won’t change because I want to Manipulate arrant orders.

For you,
I’m not judging you or criticizing. Am talking about my own side of the allegation that “Fiverr is A Scam”.

Am not here to flog you with words. As long as your Conscience is okay with your activities, Go on Lads, Money is sweet but something else is sweeter.

••• I like people to Criticize Me o As long as I’m different, Welcome with your criticism. You kanno beat me 😉 •••

I hope I’ve answered your enquiry Mr. Sola?

Good morning, just walk out the Maternity room after spending 4-days on Maternity leave.

Have a blissful day ahead😁

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