Effects of Gym Trainning on Human Reproductive Health – Frequently Asked Question

What is the effect of gym training on human reproductive health?

While being overweight 🍕🥓🍦🍰 can make us infertile, too much exercise 🏃🏋⛹ can also make us less fertile, in both men 👨 and for women👩. For both sexes, fertility is impaired when exercising to the point that there is very little fat left on our bodies (even if we have lots of muscle💪). Steroid use in men actually shrinks testicles 🍒 and of course, reduces fertility😱. Overheating 🔥 during exercise will also kill sperm💀. However, even if there is no steroid use and a healthy weight is maintained, intense exercise on a regular basis throws hormones off balance and affects fertility in both men and women. Our body seems to interpret intense exercise as fighting for survival🏹🦁🐯, and fighting for survival doesn’t go well with making babies👶! If you are trying to conceive, limit exercise to three hours a week or less and never exercise to the point of being exhausted😪. Avoid intense💥 exercise. None of this applies if you are overweight, however. Being overweight impacts fertility a lot more than exercise🏃, so it is more important to exercise and lose weight first!

Source: Duta Didi

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