Xiaomi Is Announcing A New Global Smartphone Series On Sept. 5

Xiaomi is announcing a new global smartphone series on Sept. 5

Xiaomi – one of the largest smartphone 📱 manufacturers in the world – has announced that it will be holding an event on September 5 for an all-new smartphone series that will see a global launch.

The company’s teaser video doesn’t reveal much about the upcoming event, but current rumors suggest this is where we’ll potentially see the announcement of Google’s latest Android One device.

Looking at the teaser video alone, the text at the very beginning confirms that this phone will be a flagship product with a dual-camera system and that it’ll be the first entry in a brand new series for Xiaomi. There are two circles that are the highlight of the 20-second teaser clip (one slightly larger than the other), and they transition between replicating film reels, clocks, drums, and the wheels of a bicycle — all used to convey the point that two is better than one (more specifically, dual cameras).

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