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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Samsung Set To Release Foldable Phone In 2018

Samsung President Says A foldable Phone Is In The Works For 2018

Samsung is no stranger to experimenting with new technology, but one thing the company has been tinkering in for quite some time has been a foldable smartphone.

Over the past two or three years, Samsung has slowly made curved displays main stream, and the next step with that technology is the flexible screens we've seen at trade shows and drooled over for quite some time.

At a press conference today in Korea to launch the Galaxy Note 8 in the country, Samsung president Koh Dong-jin said that the company is currently aiming to launch a foldable flagship device sometime next year.

Koh made it clear that this isn't something that's set in stone, saying that the company is "currently addressing some technological hurdles to commercialize such a device."

We've heard rumors several times since Samsung's original prototype was shown off back in 2013 regarding the launch of a foldable device from the company, but none have materialized.



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