Nicotine Withdrawal: 13 Ways To Quit Smoking

Nicotine Withdrawal: 11 Tips To Quit Smoking

What is Smoking?

Smoking is simply the act of puffing in and out smoke from cigarettes, weed or any other forms of cigars. Almost everything about Cigars contains a substance called “Nicotine” which the scientists says excess of this substance in the body is very harmful.

Now, you may have determined to quit smoking and avoid anything pertaining to Nicotine. But if you haven’t, did you know already the side effects of Nicotine smoking?

The following are the some side effects of Nicotine Smoking:-

• Nicotine Smoking can aid with weight loss since nicotine is an appetite suppressant.

• Nicotine Smoking May Expose you Lung cancer.

• Nicotine smoking will let other people discriminate you in your local area and, among your peers.

• Nicotine smoking will makes your brain so high to the extent that, there won’t be a difference between you and an insane person.

• Nicotine smoking won’t let you have a good life plan because, everything about you will based on venturing into smoking etc.

Since you have now know some side effects of Nicotine smoking, what are the best ways out to quit smoking?

13 Tips To Quit Nicotine Smoking – Nicotine Withdrawal

*1. Decide on a day that you are going to stop smoking.

*2. If possible, go to your doctor beforehand. The doctor may be able to prescribe something that helps with nicotine-withdrawal symptoms.

*3. Tell your friends and family about your decision. They can help you to stay on track, and they will be more understanding if you are in a bad mood.

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*4. Identify your triggers – activities that make you want to smoke, and try to avoid them.

*5. On the day that you are quitting, throw away all your cigarettes, matches, lighters, ashtrays, etc.

*6. Avoid hanging out with friends who smoke, or places in which other people are smoking.

*7. Avoid caffeine since caffeine will make you jittery, which in turn, will make you want to smoke.

*8. Come up with a plan of things to do when you have the urge to smoke.

*9. Keep a snack that you can pop in your mouth, and keep your hands busy with a small object such as coins or rubber-bands (Perhaps you could even pick your nose).

*10. Distract yourself by playing games!

*11. Try sucking on a straw. Take deep breaths to keep you relaxed.

*12. Give yourself small rewards for not smoking.

*13. Get good rest, eat well, and exercise. If you slip exercise once, don’t give up! The first 10 days will be the most difficult, then the first three months, but then it will get easier.

You will be doing your body a great favor by quitting smoking nicotine.

Thanks to Duta Didi for this inspiration on Nicotine Withdrawal: Ways to Stop Smoking.

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