Linda Ikeji Shared Inspirational Speech Towards The Launching of LindaIkeji TV Station

Linda Ikeji Shared Inspirational Speech Towards Launching of LindaIkeji TV Station

The biggest and richest blogger in Nigeria and the whole of Africa, Ms. Linda Ikeji of LIB, LIM, LITv and LIS has recently shared a motivational speech to inspire the youths and adults who have burning desire in them to become somebody meaningful in life.

She, Linda Ikeji is finally ready to Launch her TV Station as he had promised.

When she was interviewed, she said that, she have dreamt of becoming either a Reporter or A television presenter but now, she is employing and paying reporter and TV presenters who work for her.

She added, instead of working in a TV station, she will now have her own. Read her statement below:-

“Growing up I wanted to be a reporter or a TV presenter… now I employ reporters and TV presenters… Instead of working at a TV station, I’m about to own one. God has a way of doing his thing. Just trust him and never depart from him as you go on your journey. And remember, you just can’t beat the person who never gives up.”

Linda Ikeji, an Ex-model who owns LindaIkejisBlog, LindaIkejiSocial, LindaIkejisMusic and LindaIkejiTv on YouTube need no more introductions in Nigerian entertainment. She made her wealth, fame and fortune from her Blog by selling Ads space, Monetization of her blog with AdSense, running Sponsored post and so on.

When it comes to Entrepreneurship, Linda Ikeji is a great iconic figure who have set a way for others to think, rethink, learn, relearn and put everything into action in order to maximize their inner potential.

Congratulations to Linda Ikeji in advance as she will launching the anticipating Linda Ikeji TV Station very soon👌.

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