Kanye West And Jay Z Planned To Meet ‘Face-to-Face’ To Settle Feud Between Them

Kanye West and Jay Z Planned To Meet Face-to-Face To Settle Feud Between Them

TMZ Magazine reports that rapper Kanye West has asked to meet with JAY-Z to settle the burning feud between both of them.

The feud between the two veteran rappers (Kanye and Jay Z) started earlier last year after Kanye went on stage to call out JAY-Z, Beyonce, and their daughter Blue Ivy.

While rapper JAY-Z was speaking in an interview on Rap Radar, he said Kanye West crossed his boundary when he brought his wife and daughter into their dispute.

JAY-Z had also addressed the issue in a track “Kill JAY-Z” of his latest album “4:44”. He had said in the song:

“I know people backstab you, I feel bad too/
But this ‘f— everybody’ attitude ain’t naturals/
But you ain’t the same, this ain’t KumbaYe/
But you got hurt because you did cool by ‘Ye/
You gave him 20 million without blinkin’/ He gave you 20 minutes on stage, f— was he thinkin’?/
‘F— wrong with everybody?’ is what you sayin’/
But if everybody’s crazy, you’re the one that’s insane.

TMZ’s sources say they both reported that:

    “The two rappers seems to be reconciling, adding they have the classic love/hate relationship and frequently bounce back between the two emotions.”

TMZ added that the financial dispute over TIDAL is being resolved.

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