Is It Possible For Christians To Be Taken To Heaven With Their Physical Bodies?

*** Is It Possible For Christians To Be Taken To Heaven With Their Physical Bodies? ***

80% of most acclaimed christians do believe that after death, the next thing is to move to Heaven (Provided you do good while on Earth) and in order hands, *Hell* is the harbour of those who do bad.

Fine, your believe will quite right as long as the scripture back it up.

But briefly, let dig for the spiritual gems:

**About Physical Bodies of human in Heaven**

1 Cor. 15:50 reads: “However, this I say, Brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherent God’s Kingdom, neither does corruption inherit incorruption (or Perishable inherit Imperishable).”

You may ask:
** Does Experience of Prophet Elijah Contradict This?**

In the bible, we learnt that Prophet Elijah ascended to heaven physically?

Not at all. We must reason with, and understand what Jesus Christ said in centuries later in ** John 3:13 ** it reads: “Moreover, no man has ascended into heaven but he that descended from heaven, the son of Man”

Although, Prophet Elijah was seen ‘went up by a whirlwind into heaven’, but, this does not mean that he went into spirit realm.

*What do I mean by Spirit realm?*

God, Jesus Christ and the Angels of God lives in heaven but their ecological niche is in the “Spirit Realm”. So, Prophet didn’t went up to the spirit realm.

**Why did I say Prophet Elijah didn’t went up to the spirit realm?***

In the bible, He (Prophet Elijah) was later reported as sending a letter of reproof to the king of Judah (2 Ki. 2:11, 2 Chron. 21:1, 12-15).

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•••• Did You Know? ••••

That; Right before the invention of Airplanes, God used his own means which is a “fiery chariot and a whirlwind” to lift Prophet Elijah off the ground into the heaven where the birds fly and to transport him to another place.

••• Think about This •••

* Birds do fly in atmosphere, can we say with aplomb that they do flies to Heaven especially the “Spirit Realm”?

* Airplanes sometimes, went far into the cloud, did they go to heaven especially the Spirit Realm?

••• Fact & Recapitulation •••

1 Cor 15:50: …. Physical bodies cannot inherit heaven.

John 3:13: … No man has ascended to heaven except the one that decended from heaven…


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