How Parents and Teenagers Can Have Good Relationship Through Communication

Perfect Ways To Build Good Relationship Between Teenager And Adult Through Communication From childhood (5-13years), children do have time talk to the...

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Perfect Ways To Build Good Relationship Between Teenager And Adult Through Communication

From childhood (5-13years), children do have time talk to their parents about everything they are facing and what they have in mind to do. But, when they turn to Teenagers (13-19years), they tends to keep secrets and whenever they are asked of something, they either turn it to argument which may turn the house to battleground or give a chipped response to any question they don’t wish to answer.

For you to become a very good and respected father or mother, you must give your teenagers a chance for him/her to move from from “level zero” to “level hero” but, in a very careful ways.

It’s true that most teenagers wants freedom untimely while some parents are overprotecting. And in this instance, there will be a very bitter relationship between the parents and their teens.

But right in this article, you will learn 5 tips on how you can Build Good Relationship With Your Teenager. Read below:-

** 5 tips on how you can Build Good Relationship with Your Teenagers **

*** For Adults ***

*1 ==> Talk To Them Casually

Most parents don’t have time to have good relationship with their teens as a result of lack of communication. For you to build a good relationship with your teenagers, you must make use of any available opportunity to talk to them orally.
As said above, most teenagers keeps secret than before but, when you do create time to talk to them, gradually, they will be telling you what’s going on with them.

*2 ==> Don’t Talk Too Much

A Nigerian adage says that “too much talk does not full the basket”. No matter how much you talk emotionally or inspirationally, your teenager will heed to you if he wish to.
Don’t start any argument with your teenager because, this will make your relationship more bitter than ever.
Make your point cleared to him/her and leave if the teenager didn’t give any response or contribution. When he/she is alone, your message will be reasonable.
So, to build a good relationship with your teenager, give a chance to him/her to ponder over what you have said.

*3 ==> Don’t Interrupt When Your Teenager Is Contributing To The Discussion.

When you are talking with your teenager, he/she might be moved either negatively or positively and, your teenager may what to say something. Do not interrupt, hear what he/she want to say so that you can understand what’s in his/her mind.
And when replying to what your teenager said, be very careful with what you say, don’t scold him/her at that instance.

*4 ==> Do Not Over-react During Your Conversation

It’s true that most teenagers are very annoying in both actions and words of their mouth, but when this come up during your conversation, do not over-react.
Don’t take offense at anything your teenager said. Taking offense during your conversation will make him/her more upset.
Instead of over-reacting, say something that will please your teenager.
Remember that you want to build a good relationship with your teenager, so, don’t spoil it all over again.

*5 ==> Lastly, Guide Your Teenager Rather Than Dictating.

According to awake magazine, “Your teen’s abstract thinking skills are like muscles that need to be developed.” So, during your conversation with your teenager, don’t command him/her but rather, guide your teenager on what is right and as well, tell him/her about the consequences between both negative and positive options he/she choose.

After guiding your teenager, don’t force him/her to obey what you’ve said. Remember that his/her abstract thinking is like muscle. Your teenager needs to do exercise him/herself for it to develop.

*** For Teenagers ***

It’s true as aforementioned above that teenagers want their parents or adult guardian to extend them more freedom and they want their parents to understand this.

You can make your freedom extension and gaining your parents’ understanding at the same time.

Below are summary on how you can achieve this.

*1. Talk to them regularly and openly about what is on in your life.

*2. Let Your Parents trust you. When your parents trust you, they will definitely give you more freedom.

*3. Also, when you are offended, tell them and they will apologize (if they are considerate).

*4. Always ask your parents if you have done something wrong and, apologize if there’s any.

*5. Ask them about their plans for you and, tell them yours.

*6. Always show Respect.

That’s all. The main point of this article is for you (either you are a teenager or adult) to develop a good communication skills with others, so far building good communication skills will surely leads to a good relationship.

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