Google Play Protect Within Play Store Rolled Out

*Google Play Protect within the Play Store is now widely ​rolling out‼*

After beginning its rollout a month ago, Google Play Protect in the Play Store is now widely showing up for many users.👍​

Play Protect is just a rebrand of existing security ⚠ features long found in Play Services, but is now more prominent and visible within Android.

Announced at I/O, Play Protect began rolling out in June with a redesign of the “Verify Apps” feature within Play Services that “regularly checks your apps and device for harmful behavior.”

Compared to the older interface, Play Protect is much more friendly 💪​ and provides better piece of mind for users.

Meanwhile, the Play Protect page – that was previously buried in Play Services – also appears as a shortcut in the navigation drawer of the Play Store.

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