Google’s Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Will Be Held In San Francisco

*Google announces Chrome Dev Summit 2017 in San Francisco from October 23-24*

In recent years, Google 🌍 has hosted a number of dedicated events for its key developer platforms. Focusing on the web 💻, the two-day event will feature a keynote where the latest Chrome stats are highlighted, followed by a number of sessions from Googlers and leading developers.

This year’s event is unsurprisingly highlighting Progressive Web Apps, in addition to the V8 engine, WebAssembly, Frameworks, and Tools. Like last year, there are code labs and the Dev Summit will likely again hold invaluable Office Hours where developers can discuss questions and issues with Google engineers directly.

For those who can’t attend, code labs will be posted online, while the keynote and sessions will be livestreamed via YouTube.

SOURCE: – 9to5google

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