Five Lions Went Missing In South Africa – Govt Warns Residents

In South Africa, Five Lions Escaped From Johannesburg’s Sanctuary, Government Warns Citizens

In South Africa, Five Lions were reported to have escaped in Western Johannesburg.

It was announced after Warrant Officer Jan Esterhuysen who is the Rural Safety Coordinator of Fochville in Western Johannesburg, South Africa confirmed that the five lions escaped from unknown sanctuary in Gauteng Province on Saturday.

Esterhuysen said:

    “We responded to a distress call and were surprised to see a pride of five lions in a farm at Fochville, busy feeding. We identified a large male and four smaller lions. Tracking them at night was difficult.”

He added that nature conservation and other role players were meeting together on the area to take proper measure on the situation.

Although, the Vice Chairman of Nigeria Union in the province, Mr. Trust Owoyele, told the NANS in Johannesburg, South Africa that the Nogeria Union in the country (South Africa) had received information about the five missing lions, warning Nigerians resident in the area to keep safe.

He also said,

    “We have a sizeable Nigerian population in the area. We advise that for now, they should stay away from farms, parks and bush because the predators could be hiding there.”

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