Cyber Bullying: How To Overcome Online Bullying

Internet Bullying: How To Overcome Online bullying

Online Bullying is otherwise known as “Cyber or Internet Bullying”. This is a form of disturbance as form of threats that people who feel they are stronger or have anything powerful than you use to make you feel inferior to them.

Most people have committed suicide as a result of Online bullying which few numbers of people have been subjected to make wrong choice in their life.

Here in this article, I will take you through the tips on how you can overcome online bullying.

Overcoming Online Bullying

Below are the tips to overcome online bullying:-

* First before all, the trick to online bullying (cyber-bullying) is to ignore it! Don’t respond to any of the bullying and the bullies will eventually leave you alone. You can choose to delete or keep a record of the bullying, in case you want to use the records as evidence later on.

* Block or report abuse whenever possible.

*Spend some time offline.

* If you know who the bullies are, you may choose to confront them in person. Most cyberbullies hide behind the anonymity of the internet and are wimps in person.

* Talk to friends for support. If you feel that you simply cannot ignore the bullying, you can recruit some of your friends (or even family) to combat the bullying. Having several friends supporting you online may turn the tide and will also make you feel less alone and vulnerable online.

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