Common Job Interview Questions

Preparing For Job Interview: Common Job Interview Questions

After writing a great job applications, the next thing is to prepare for interview.

Job interviews usually have pretty predictable questions, here are the most common ones, so that you can prepare some talking points in advance

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💬Tell me about yourself?
💬How do people describe you?
💬Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
💬Why should I hire you?
💬What is your greatest weakness?
💬What is your greatest strength?
💬Why do you want to work here?
💬Why do you want this job?
💬Why do you want to leave/did you leave your job?
💬Do you have any questions for me?
💬 What do you know about us?
💬How did you hear about this job?
💬 Have you work in this type of company before?
💬 Which type of tools/machine do you think you can use?
💬 How many years have you worked before?
💬 How many years have you done this type of work before?
💬 Describe yourself in five sentences
💬 Can you work when it seems too tiring and tedious?
💬 What did your former boss said about you and your ability?
💬 How much more are you Truant from office?
💬 When will you like to start working?
💬 What is your greatest gift or talent?

All the best for your job search. Remember to make your answers relevant to the company and the position, but to be yourself.


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