6 Tips To Write A Great Job Application

6 Tips to Write a Great Job Application You may have been jobless or unemployed for some reason and for a long time but, here is your chance to apply ...

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6 Tips to Write a Great Job Application

You may have been jobless or unemployed for some reason and for a long time but, here is your chance to apply for a job, I mean, A great job which will earn you a good living to take care of yourself and family.

A job application is a chance for you to make a great first impression, and the good news is that you can work on it until you get it right.

According to a guest post I wrote, there are five (5) important tips for getting a great job easily. The Five Steps To Secure A Job Successfully Are:-

*1 ==> Be Well Organized
*2 ==> Look For Available Job That Haven’t Be Advertised.
*3 ==> Don’t Reject Any Job Given To You.
*4 ==> Make A Well Detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV).
*5 ==> Be Prepared For Interview

The first thing is to Be Well Organized. Being well organized includes good grooming, healthy lifestyle and of course, being a professional on your own even without a job.

Writing a Great Job application involves an act of disseminating your professionalism.

So, how can you write a great job application?

Below are GbolaMedia tips for excellent job application letters:

6 Tips For Writing A Great Job Application

*1. ==> Maintain Proper Keywords in Your Application

    When you are writing application for a job, you must not focus on something that doesn’t concerns you. I mean, if you are applying to fill the vacant position of an “Engineer”, don’t write or describe your experience or ability as a “Doctor”. Find the ‘key words’ associated with the job you’re applying for, a good bet is the job description.
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*2. ==> Make Good Use of the Keywords

    In blogging, we don’t take “Keywords” for granted because, it’s a great tool for SEARCH ENGINES OPTIMIZATION and of course, the same thing applies to offline writing. Ensure you incorporate several of these key words into your application. Why? Because, this will get you past the automated screening process.

*3. ==> Short But Reasonable Letter is Okay

    From my little experience, long letters won’t get you a job, if you believe that it will, without proper preparation for the job. When I finished high school, I wrote an application letter to a company that deal with poultry farming in my town. I thought writing a very long letter will impress the manager of the company but, to no avail. The manager torn the letter right before me. He said to me, “Millions of words can’t fill a small basket”. So in essence, Ensure your application is short and to the point

*4. ==> Think About What Makes You Qualified For The Job

    Spend time thinking through what makes you uniquely qualified to to the job and ensure you mention this. As mentioned in point one, focus on the best keywords that will tell the manager of the company you are applying for, that, your ability and experiences will fit the job.

*5. ==> Be Relevant

    It’s more important to be relevant than lengthy, for instance, the primary school you went to is not important to list, your family background is not important, if any boss of the company is somebody you know, don’t point to him/her in your letter. But, selectively include relevant information only.
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*6. ==> Lastly,

    Keep your sentences clear, concise and with good handwriting.

I wish you all the best in writing for a great job application.

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