What is God’s Name?

What is God’s Name? ********* I know this isn’t new to you, irrespective of your religions and beliefs, you will definitely have a name(s)...

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What is God’s Name?


I know this isn’t new to you, irrespective of your religions and beliefs, you will definitely have a name(s) you will be calling God.

Don’t tell me that God’s name is simply “God” remember that iron worshippers refers to those irons as their own god. So, shouldn’t our almighty God have a very special name that no object or living human in the universe will be competing with him? Yea… God has a name.

I could remember when I was still a CRK student few years in high school, our teacher said God is the “Supreme Being” and was right… God that am serving is Supreme and so mighty but, did/does you teachers in school ever tell you what God’s name is? Probably No!

Those teachers will just be teaching the young lads that God’s name are numerous like “mighty one”, “king of kings”, “creator of the universe”, “the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent”, “alpha and omega” etc… But these names are not God’s real name, they were like appellations or attributed names.

Just take this simple illustration.. People do call me “Don”, “T-boy”, “Tosino”, “Gentleman” and when I was in school, ranging from primary school to high school, I had names such as “Class-captain”, “Assistant Senior boy”, “Senior Boy”, “Time Keeper” etc. But, are they my name? No, they are just names about what I have done and my positions in the school.

Remember, my name is simply “Tosin”.
Just like when a single man can be called “Father”, “Husband”, “Pastor”, “Landlord”, “Architect”, “Property consultant” etc but his real name is “Mazino”.

Now, what is God’s name?

As a Christian, I will not just think on my senses but source from the Scripture of God and that is the “Bible”…

Did God ever made his name known? Yes. Let check on some bible verses below:-

• Isaiah 42:8 says “I am Jehovah. That is my name; and no one else shall I give my own glory, neither my praise to graven images.”

• Psalm 100:3 says “Know that Jehovah is God. It is he that has made us and not we ourselves. [We are] his people and the sheep of his pasturage.”

• Also, Psalm 83:18 says “That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the most High over all the earth.”

With those three bible verses above, God’s name is basically vindicated…

The question now is that what is God’s name? It is “Jehovah”

No other person, object or places here on earth and heaven is bearing “Jehovah” except God.

But what a great pity! Many Bible publishers in the world has erased this precious name (Jehovah) in their own translations. They replaced it with names like creator, alpha and omega, powerful one etc..

Don’t be deceived, there are many creators. For instance:
* Wright Brothers Created/Invented the first Airplane.
* Mark Zukerkerg created Facebook, Bill Gates created Microsoft.
* I created #GbolaMedia
* And you yourself can create things.

The name, “Alpha and Omega” as God’s name is just a Greek letters just like when we have A and Z which literally means “Beginning and End”.

Names like “Powerful” can be given to anything, any person in any condition… For instance, “That Epoxy Glue is very Powerful”, “John Cena is Powerful than Oluwatomisin Gbolagade” etc.

Remember, God’s name is “Jehovah” (typically in English) but due to different languages, Names like “Yahweh”, “El-shaddai” etc are also God’s name

For more bible references, please read “Roman 10:13”, “Hebrew 3:4” and “Isaiah 40:26”

Note: All bible quotes are taken from “New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures”.

Have a great weekend ahead!

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