Olori Wuraola and Ooni Finally Divorced – Read Wuraola’s Official Statement and Fans Comments

TRADITION: Olori Wuraola and Ooni Finally Divorced – Read Wuraola’s Official statement and Fans Comments on Instagram Olori Wuraola, the f...

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TRADITION: Olori Wuraola and Ooni Finally Divorced – Read Wuraola’s Official statement and Fans Comments on Instagram

Olori Wuraola, the former wife of Ooni of Ife has finally announced the end of her relationship with the Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi. The wife of the monarch has also changed to her maiden name Zaynab Otiti Obanor.

Read Olori Wuraola Official Statement About Seperation With Ooni of Ife below:-

We have got to stop this culture of shaming and vilifying women with false stories of infidelity & nefarious behavior. The spreading of false information (through “sources” afraid to be identified) is the mark of cowards and a cover up for guilty parties to justify their horrific actions. There is absolutely no truth to the media circulated lies of infidelity and infertility- on my end.

What I can confirm, is that the Ooni and I are no more. I inhale love & exhale gratitude. My journey continues as a Humanitarian aiding women and victims of domestic violence & abuse with the United Nations. No matter how much time you’ve invested, no matter the use of media to silence & manipulate, no matter the circumstance, slander, embarrassment, threats and lies: Get out and seek immediate help!

We’ve seen this movie before. Women being dragged in the press & blamed for everything under the sun. This behavior is unacceptable. I urge those involved to be mindful of their actions for the eyes of our Almighty God are always watching. The seeds of slander is a cancer that harvests to eat away the souls of the planter.

The throne is sacred and the attempts to tarnish the name of a Queen, in defense or on behalf of a silent King makes all involved look terrible. Remain dignified in all you do. It’s not the end of the world, but the start of a new chapter and you must turn the page with grace. The world is watching.

As I bid adieu to this chapter, my wish to you all is to step into your lives – boldly & fearlessly, the way God intended and live not just by words, but through example. The best chapter in our lives is the one we are writing now. Thank you for your love and support.

With peace, love & light, -Her Highness, Zaynab Otiti Obanor.

Comments to Olori Wuraola’s Official Statement About Separation From Ooni Read Thus:

hawtmoe@amee_royalfinesse said:

    Did I see domestic violence? They that is another matter and calls for concern but if na marrying another wife, shei na Ooni? He is entitled to many, she should know this. In all, may God direct, guide and guard our choices

jayedigin said:

    I am shocked a man this young has not transformed beyond trivial tribalism, I hold him responsible because, he is the leader of his people. Not speaking up is a silent nod of agreement. My sister, you are beautiful, a strong woman, and you speak for many. “Ode ma na gia la, aghi lai weriegbe This could mark the beginning of the end of our traditional ways, these guys are not wise to think the human spirit can be enslaved with myth, lies and inequity. If you still love this man and can work this out, give it a try, but if you can not, do not subject yourself to another day of wasted pain, you have the power to decide your future. Please, do not forget your sisters going through the same pain as you, reach out and touch, as a mother of many, it is your duty and responsibility. I honor your courage.

liliansweetCrying why my queen
funkeolanikeHmmmmm so touching….May the Lord direct ur step…
princessgraciedavisLove you so much, Queen for life. Hold on to your virtues and move on gorgeously as always.

hayormide_007 said:

    I really sense her bitterness and courage in one piece…… God will direct your steps @hhzaynab lekanomobabaAdieu to what? Young lady you certainly have no idea what you have done to yourself. If you knew you couldn’t handle it you shouldn’t have even ventured into it. You won’t be able to knock the aftermath of this union away. It’s not your regular celebrity marriage, you should have thought hard about this but I wish you luck for the future

hayormide_007@ms_kween said:

this is so touching and @amee_royalfinesse you are right, getting scarier each day but the Lord is always faithful
showyinteriorsYou are not a good role model. Why did you have to have to write on social media about your marriage @hhzaynab

kennieoguns09 said:

    O God. I admire this couple. Why? eno_shittuNo one would understand unless they have walked in your shoes. I pray that God will direct you on the next phase of your life. Amen

queen_pholly18@porshnene chaiiii u said

    so ooh! So unbelievable

diamond_circles said:

    We love you Olori and we will always love you😍😘

floxy04real said:

    “Lord is your strength, we are just humans @hhzaynab jokeasubiaroIt is well with your soul bolaeja@hhzaynab know that this challenges are not sent to destroy you I believe they are sent to promote, increase and overall to strengthen you. You are loved and remember you are not alone 😓💔❤ #heartbroken 💔 beautifulbitescakesSad amierobertLove ❤️ you queen”

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