Mesothelioma: Survival Rate, Factors & Improvement

Mesothelioma – Survival Rates, Factor and Improvement Brief Introduction: Mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer disease caused by Asbestos. **...

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Mesothelioma – Survival Rates, Factor and Improvement

Brief Introduction:

Mesothelioma is a deadly form of cancer disease caused by Asbestos.

*** Mesothelioma Survival Rates ***

With estimation, about 55% of those people with Mesothelioma live longer than the period of 6 months while the approximation of 35% lives more than a year and likewise, about 9% of Mesothelioma patients lives more than five years.
• 6 months after diagnosis – 55% patients
• 1 year after diagnosis – 33% patients
• 5 years after diagnosis – 9% patients.

“How Long Can I Live With Mesothelioma?”

The question above is mostly inquired by those who have been tested for this disease or, one of their friends/family has been diagnosed for mesothelioma.
Well, the answer to the question above is not totally certain as no one can tell how long a mesothelioma patient will live.

Survival Rates for Mesothelioma – Improvement

Although mesothelioma is a deadly cancer disease but, here is the good news that the survival rate for mesothelioma patients are quiet improving. In 2015, a meta-study looked at 20 years results of mesothelioma, that is from 1992 – 2012 and during the period of 20 years, the two major types of mesothelioma (pleural & peritoneal) have been improved in mesothelioma’s survivorship.

Other Survival Rate Factors:

mesothelioma survival rates among patients also depends on some numbers of factors like patient’s:
• Age
• Lifestyle
• Health and
• The treatment received.

Everybody has a sides of different case(s) and, a patient’s Mesothelioma survival rate may not necessarily apply to another patient’s survival rate.

A Note About Mesothelioma Survival Rate Statistics

• Mesothelioma survival rates are known by a standard measure known with a relative 5-year survival rate, which shows how many patients still alive 5 years after being diagnosed with the disease.

• With respect to the most reliable studies, the relative 5-year survival rate for mesothelioma is about 9% as already seen above which is more impressive than how it was for a decade or more ago. Moreover, this approximated figure does not vindicated every story pertaining to Mesothelioma. Survival rates can based on the factors aforementioned above and, it do varies from one patient to another.

• Alot of clinical test and other studies are being carried out on an ongoing basis to note the major factors that affect mesothelioma’s survival rate and, fortunately, the test has led to the discovery of ways to increase survival rate among mesothelioma patients. The outcome of these test can be useful for patients who meet certain criteria, but they may not be useful for determining an overall survival rate across the broad spectrum of mesothelioma patients.

• Finally, survival rate for mesothelioma can be a helpful statistic while in other hands, it can be a total mislead to others.

Simple Advice for Mesothelioma Patient on Survival Rate

Patients with Mesothelioma and their loved ones should always make use of the advice and guidance recommended by their medical doctors to know how they can improve their prognosis and life survivorship instead of looking for a rough and misleading statistic.

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