Is Jesus Christ The Only God? + What Kind of God is Jehovah?

Today’s Topic: “If Jehovah Is The Only ‘True God’, What Kind of ‘God’ is Jesus Christ? ****** This topic may sound...

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Today’s Topic: “If Jehovah Is The Only ‘True God’, What Kind of ‘God’ is Jesus Christ?


This topic may sounds so stunning and a little bit useless to talk about but, I will just quickly dive into this and make a good idea out of this topic.

All you need to do is to take a bible (either on your computer/phone Or a physical bible) and take note of all the bible references I made here.

If you are a Muslim, my points here are basically known to you but, it’s so sad that most people who acclaimed to be the followers of Christ know about the differences between “Jesus Christ” and Almighty God, “Jehovah”.


Let save the ado;
We all believed that Jesus Christ is the son of God (Muslims do believe that Jesus also called “Prophet Issa” is a loyal and faithful servant of God) but, is not funny enough when we say God and Jesus is One?

Most people will say God is in three persons (The Trinity) consisting of the Father (God), the son (Jesus) and the holy spirit.

Let me just use this simple illustration:

A “King” of a town have an “heir” and a very loyal “Servant”.. And, these three people are working hands-in-hands for the betterment of their town and other citizens.
Can we now agree that these three people (the king, heir and servant) are a ‘single king’ in three persons? Definitely No!
It’s such an apocryphal that takes it source from olden days of worshipping an idol containing three human figures.

• In John 17:3, Jesus Christ referred to Jehovah as the only true GOD.
Why do you think that Jesus Christ refused to call himself the only true God?

• In Isaiah 44:6, God himself said: “Besides me, there is no God”.
Why can’t God said: “I, together with my son and the holy spirit are the only God”?

• 1 Cor 8:5,6 said, despite the fact that their are many “gods” and “lords” on earth, but the only ‘True God’ is ONE!


Jehovah God is very unique and no one either on earth or heaven can replace his might position as the only ‘True God’.

You might quite be confused of what is in ‘Hebrew 1:3’ that Jesus Christ is the exact representation of God but, if you take note of that particular verse very well, it says “Jesus Christ is the reflection of God’s Glory”..

When we say “Reflection”, it doesn’t represent exact human being but may be in characters, behaviors and humor.

It’s true that Jesus Christ have the same characters, behaviors, norms, humor and everything about God but, he (Jesus) is not as “Mighty” as God.

• In Genesis 17:3, God spoke to Abram that “He is the Mighty God”.

When Jesus Christ is still in this world, people do adore him, respect him and even, some people just want to be worshipping him as their God but, did you know what Jesus Christ said? He replied in “Luke 4:8” that “…….. It is written, ‘It is Jehovah your God you must worship and, it is him alone you must render sacred service.”

But, remember that Jesus Christ is very powerful and everybody during that time knows that but, Jesus Christ still insisted that their is “Only One God” which is very mightier than him and, it is this “One God” they must worship not him.

• In John 3:16,17 : God sent his son (Jesus) to save the world”
Now, If Jesus Christ and God is “One”, he (God) will be sending himself to save people in the world and still be in Heaven… Does that sounds normal or an illusion?

To summarize everything;

Remember that ‘God’ is in heaven when he sent his servant, ‘the holy spirit’ to inspired ‘Mary Magdalene’ in order to conceive and give birth to ‘Jesus Christ”…..
….If you still believe that ‘God’ exists in ‘three person’, How much more can you explain this that the same God sent himself to Mary (Virgin) in order to give birth to him?

As for me, I know and serve only ‘One God’ not a Trinity.

•••• Have a chill Sunday ahead ••••

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