Is God Behind Human Suffering? Reason Why Human Being Suffers

Why Do Human Being Suffer and, Is God responsible For this Suffering? ••Good morning,Today is the last Sunday of the month and, it will be cool to mak...

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Why Do Human Being Suffer and, Is God responsible For this Suffering?

Good morning,
Today is the last Sunday of the month and, it will be cool to make some views right about the scripture and the human views about suffering in this world.

You may have heard about “economic pipe-down”, “New baby-born dying”, “Disasters”, “Discrimination”, “Hard work but less payment”, “Sudden death of Loved one” etc.

But, did you think that God is behind these things? I know that almost 80% of the people in this world believed that whatever that happens is God’s “will” and they tends to maligns the authority, kind gestures of Jehovah.

What does the bible says about this particular topic above?

Firstly, who is controlling this world? The powerful person controlling this world will definitely be the one behind all these catastrophic incidents.

** In 1 John 5:29 ==> it reads “We know that we originate from God, but the whole world is lying under the power of the wicked one.”

The bible says in “Romans 5:12”, that: “That is Why, just as through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned.”
*** Who is this only man that sinned and gave to all man sin and death inheritance? It’s our grand fore father, “Adam”.
When Adam was still in The garden of Eden, God instructed him not do just a single thing but, Adam heeded to his wife’s curiosity than being obedience to God.
Since then, God leave all human beings to choose what they like and do; God pronounced that all human race will continue to live in and with suffering, hard work before dining etc.
All these, we have inherited from Adam & Eve – The perfect being who turned to imperfect due to disobedience and, they gave rose to imperfect human who control themselves imperfectly under The great influence of imperfect powerful being (Satan).

What did you expect from the world ruled by imperfect people? Something bad!

The bible says in 1 john 5:19 that the “World is under the power of the wicked one”, who do you think that this wicked one is? Is the person God, Jesus or the angel?
No! It’s under the power of that Great rogue, “The Satan”.

*** Ecclesiastes 9:11 speak about unforeseen occurrences, nobody knows what will happen right away from now.

If something bad happened, some people blame God for it but,
**In Job 34:10, the bible says “Therefore, you men, listen to me. Far be it from the true God (Jehovah) to act wickedly, And the almighty God to act unjustly!”
• God can never do evil and act unjustly in verse 12 of Job 34, it says “Yes, for a fact, God himself does not act wickedly, and the almighty one himself does not pervert judgement.”

In James 1:13, the bible says “When under trial, let no one say: I am being tried by God. For God cannot be tried with evil things nor himself try anyone.”

In sub-summary, God is not the one behind suffering and disasters, because:-
** We have inherited suffering, sin and death from Adam & Eve. – Romans 5:12

** Satan is the one controlling this world and, he is very wicked. – 1 John 5:19.

** Unforeseen circumstances so happen to man – Ecclesiastes 9:11.

So, what’s our hope and way out?

Firstly, let believe and pray to God for help, he us ready to save us – 1 Peter 5:7

Don’t be worried, believe in God, Jesus Christ is coming very soon to finish the satan and abolish his work here on earth – 1 John 3:8.

But, do think that God will just keep quiet and continue to watch us suffering but, he is just being patience. He will definitely make things right very soon – 2 Peter 3:9.

Have a great day ahead 🍸

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